Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Tuesday to you.  Well, I thought I was going to load our Christmas photos only to discover that we grabbed our daughter's camera instead of ours. Not hard to do because they look identical but unfortunately aren't.  So I guess I'll have to wait til later when we go and exchange cameras.  We had a wonderful time last
night, filled with gifts, desserts and children playing.  Our kids spoil us rotten; we got gift certificates to our favorite restaurants, homemade hand cream, a homemade neck pillow that you can heat in the microwave, clothes, a golf shadow box for hubby's golf corner, etc.  I got a beautiful necklace that had beads on it for each grandchild; a new Beth Moore book on Paul, socks, and hubby upgraded our flights to the islands next year, as he knows I hate how cramped economy is on a long flight.  I loved seeing how excited all the grands were about their gifts and I loved that our girls loved their Alpaca wool I got them.  All in all it was a wonderful Christmas.
Today we are hoping to go to the gym, we have guest passes and want to try it out.  This afternoon we may go to the movies; I have a bit of a stuffy nose and I'm hoping the decongestant kicks in soon.
I'll be back later to upload our pics, but until then have a good morning. 


  1. Sounds like a lovely Christmas!! Pamper yourself, and don't let that cold get you down!!!

  2. Christmas blessings to you!!! May your New Year be the best ever! I've done that very same thing with our camera and our girls!!!!

    Love to you~


  3. I hate it when I leave my camera somewhere. It will be great to see your pictures. Sounds wonderful!!!
    I love the family celebrations..seeing the kids open gifts and play with each other (o:
    Have fun at the movies. Hubby and I went to War Horse yesterday. It is a lot more WAR than I thought it would be. Made me think... mostly about how every soldier ...our side or not are just some Mothers Son. Fighting for the country they were born in. Hard to see!!! It would be hard for you as an animal lover... lots of sad scenes with horses.

  4. You had a wonderful, blessed Christmas! Now have a great
    New Year!

  5. I too have done the same thing with the camera...really easy to do. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas and you got lots of goodies. ENJOY your dad today, but rest and don't let that cold get any worse. HUGS

  6. Look forward to seeing your pics Noreen. What a special Christmas Day you had with lots of great memories. Would love to see a pic of your grandies necklace.What a fun idea!

  7. Sounds like you were really good this year! Can't wait to see the pics. Have a great evening :)

  8. I usually just leave my own camera behind so I know your frustration. It sounds like you had a wonderful celebration. I also got a necklace with beads on it for each grandchild and I love it.

  9. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas. I can't wait to see the pictures! ;-)

    I'm trying to fight a cold ... so far the vitamin C I've been taking seems to be helping me fight off the worst of it.

  10. Praying you feel much better very soon.


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