Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Few Of My Favorite Christmas Things

Happy Wednesday to you!  I've been mentioning decorating our nest for Christmas so thought I'd share a few of my favorite things with you.  Most of my collections are almost 20 yrs old and I only add candles and small items now.

My snowman collection goes nicely on top of our kitchen cabinets.  This is one area of our home that I love-a big country kitchen with tons of space.
My dear sister of my heart gave this Lizzie High Collection to me about 20+ yrs ago; I still love it and think of her constantly during the holidays.
I love the look of these candles with the angel.  My sister gave the angel to me the year before she went home to glory.
Our puzzle table in the family room; my bff Barb in California made this Snowman wall hanging for me last year and also gave us the cute snow couple figurine several years ago.  Boy does she know me well.
This is the smaller of my two Victorian villages; my girls and hubby gave me this 20+ yrs ago, the same year my sweet mil started me on a Dickens Village.  I haven't put this up for several years but this year decided it would look great in the corner of you family room.  It is the perfect place for it; I will show my other collection when it is lit up-hubby always puts it up.

Our sleigh in the family room-I often take photos of the grands in it.
I always love seeing how other gals decorate-it give a glimpse into who they are. 
We are headed to a dinner theater tonight, our friends are taking us as a thank you for dog/bird sitting this summer.  It should be so much fun but we are also expecting a huge snowstorm during the night and tomorrow.  I guess winter has finally decided to arrive.
Blessings, Noreen


  1. Thank you for sharing the photos. Everything is just lovely!

    If you don't want the snow, would you please send it our way? I would LOVE some snow! ;-)

  2. i love all your decorations! so beautiful!

  3. Your collections are way cute, and I look forward to seeing your other village when it is set up.

  4. I have enjoyed reading all about your traditions of decorating and in between the lines I see the love for the gifts others have given you. Over the years, they become so precious and we unpack them with love and memories dancing through our head.....

    Yours are wonderful and your home so inviting....

  5. I love snowmen also, looks like we will be able to build one tomorrow! Stay warm.

  6. I see we have the same tastes in decorating for Christmas. I also have snowmen included in my decorations. Think I'll take some pictures to share with everyone too. Everything looks really pretty at your house!

  7. Oh how similar our decorations look..I have a village, my sled is full of stuffed white bears and the snowmen are across the kitchen bar.

    Yours looks great! Enjoy!

  8. I bet the grandchildren just love to come over and discover things.

  9. How fun! I have a ton of snowmen. I even have enough snowmen and snowflake things to fill one 6 foot tree. I haven't gotten out any of my village things this year. My parents have given me over 30 pieces over the years. We even designed closets/pantry/cabinet areas to put them up high with sockets to light them up. Just too much to do on my own this year. It's so fun to decorate for the seasons isn't it.
    Our girls really pitched in last Friday and got us decorated....we're having a small group party here tomorrow night. Ooops...there's my timer. Okay, Red Velvet Cheesecake in the oven for the party.
    Joy and peace to you today!

  10. Glory, I just realized the titles of our most recent posts are almost identical....funny

  11. I love your whole Christmas feel. Wouldn't it be wonderful to sit down together there and share a cup of tea? The dinner house sounds fun. Snow huh? We've been in the mid to upper 70's for days. Not feeling real Christmasy, haha. HUGS

  12. Love your ideal Christmas decorating ideas! I envy your pot shelves in the kitchen and would love to put my entire Christmas village up there. Every year it's a struggle to find a new home for it.

    I'm trying to find a sleigh like you have for my stuffed moose and bear collection but for now I have to keep checking back at our local antique stores to see if someone will have one.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  13. Don't you just love pulling out the Christmas stuff and walking down memory lane

  14. Thank you for being a new follower, I look forward to sharing the love of the Lord with each other. However, you come across as a no-reply blogger and I would love to be able to direct Email you!

  15. Lovely Christmas decorations, Noreen! I love your snowmen. I have started collecting them (well, as many as my DH will 'allow'--if you know what I mean--smile)Hahaha!
    Try to stay warm with all that snow :)


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