Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Favorites Part 2

Happy Friday!  I hope your week has been productive and fulfilling, no matter what your circumstances.
I continue to be amazed when I hear friends sharing about their lives, living with stage 4 cancer and how much joy and hope they have; I always want to live like that regardless of what is looming on the horizon.
I decided to share a few more photos of my Christmas decorations and am missing our camera so; we are still waiting to hear it is on its way to us, all fixed.  Meanwhile I struggle with our old camera, but I'm still thankful that we have a digital camera at all.

My first and original village started by my mother in law.  We always set it up on the dining room buffet.
My antique school desk with a few snowman.
A bit blurry but this is my nativity scene that I got about 28 years ago; I still love it.
What more could be said?  I love the figurine with the angel bowing before the baby Jesus.

We are going out to run errands this morning and later on I will have Miss S, age 6, over to put a binding on a quilt she made for her cousin.  Got to love seeing your hobbies/passions passed on to the next generations.
On a side note:  our sweet Reggie has been having mild seizures and I'm growing more concerned about him. As many know, back in the summer, after a major grand Mal seizure, the vet said he probably only had 3-4 weeks.  We've now had 4 mos. and I love the days of grace with him.  The seizure he had on Saturday and today are very small; more like he can't walk steady and has overall weakness.  I pray we have many more days with him and trust that when its time, I will know-not a minute too soon or too late.
Blessings on your weekend dear friends.  Noreen


  1. How fun to share quilting with the younger generation, and the shepherd child praying with baby Jesus is sweet. These days with your dog are precious, aren't they?

  2. Praying for your sweet baby with you Noreen... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Thank you for sharing your holiday cheer with us. It's always fun to see how others decorate; and which items make it to their "favorite" list.

  4. Oh dear I've fallen more and more in love with our Molly (more than any other pet before) I think of you as you are closer to the end of dear Reggie's life. We're just now approaching her 3rd birthday and glory what a joy she is. I'm so thankful you know God. I know a lot of people don't get the love of a pet thing. I sure do. Hugs to you...His grace will carry you through.

  5. Very nice collection of decorations you have there. Mom wanted to put up her Christmas village this year but decided it was too much for her to do with her broken arm. Maybe next year.

    We hope Reggie will be OK.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Your 6 y.o. granddaughter made a quilt? Oh, I hope you share a picture of it so I can get some ideas for the first quilt for my 7 y.o. granddaughter. You may remember that we had our first "official" sewing project together a week ago (with the VERY wobbly seams to prove that she did all the sewing on her own). I can't wait to get her started on her first quilt, and any advice you can share (via email if you'd prefer) on that would be appreciated.

    Your Christmas decorations are lovely ... I love seeing others' favorite Christmas decorations. ;-)

  7. Oh, and Noreen, I'm still praying for you and Reggie ... that you will know the exact right time. Until then, enjoy the time you have with him. {{hug}}

  8. I love sharing activities with my sweet grandchildren. So sweet that you are teaching her that homemade gifts from the heart are best. Your decorations are beautiful.

  9. i love nativity's and keep mine up all year. i think i have 4 that i keep out at all times.

    love your decorations!

  10. I'm so sorry to hear that Reggie has taken a downturn. I hope he will turn it around again.

    Don't you just love Christmas and the treasured decorations? Our first Christmas together we bought the holy family of the Hummel nativity. Each year we added a new piece (which was all we could afford at the time) and then later purchased the remaining pieces. I always look forward to displaying it again.

  11. I am sorry to hear about Reggie; I just hope he makes it through Christmas......My heart goes out to him.......

    I am so impressed that your 6 yr old granddaughter has made a know you two had fun this morning putting the binding on it......

    I love your warm and sweet just like you....

  12. Hi -

    Thank you for the holiday photos.
    They help with the mood of the season.

  13. Hi, I just found your blog and I joined it right away!

    We put our manger up and we sing Happy Birhtday to Jesus on Christmas morning even though our oldest son is 20 yrs. old in college and our youngest 16 yrs. old in high school.

    We taught them the true meaning of Christmas!

    I hope you come by my blog and join. I love new follower's and if you go down 4 posts you will see 3 parts of our Christmas home.
    I hope to see you!

    I also have a selling blog and it is on the right side of my blog!
    I will be looking for your next post!!!!
    Christmas Blessings,

  14. Enjoyed your photos. Sorry to hear about Reggie.

  15. I love your Christmas decorations and all the festivities that are happening in your home, Noreen....

    The beauty about 'Days of Grace' is that they are an unexpected, Godly surprise. I am so happy that you have got so many with Reggie...and there are probably more to come.
    Pam is right - you will be carried through this.
    Sending lotsaluv to you and dear little Reggie.


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