Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Cherubs

Good morning friends,  Here are a few more photos from the Christmas program Sunday night. Oh how I love these blessings!  
 Daughter Carrie with her youngest, Miss A aka Sunshine. 
 All of the children, except the babies. It is hard to believe that there are more children in the church than adults.  Future warriors for the kingdom of God.  This was the rehersal.
 Miss A, so very precious.
Lifting voices and praises to the King of Kings.
Have a wonderful day dear ones.


  1. Morning Noreen,
    Loved looking at the pics of all your darling grandchldren, such sweeties.
    and know you have every reason to be a proud Momma and granmomma!
    Loved your pretty table, very festive and elegant, Like how you tucked the holly in the napkin rings, cute!
    and the reindeer, so cool to actually see on up close and real I bet. We saw one last night when we were watching the remake of Miracle on 34th street, neat creatures.
    If you haven't seen the new movie,
    I think you would really like it.
    We love watching Christmas movies.

    Saw you came by yesterday, and hope
    you did gleen some ideas. I actually really enjoyed doing all that rather than shopping, but then it was fun to do some shopping this year since we didn't do much last year due to the circumstances.
    Everything has it's time and place.

    You have a Wonderful Christmas Season, also enjoyed seeing your
    decorations, everything was so pretty, I alway love those snow villages, they are so charming.

    Love and Blessings hon,

  2. What a fun post. A looks like an angel and I am sure you are enjoying the holidays with her.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures.


  3. Few things bring more Christmas cheer than the little ones. Lovely.

  4. Looks like the Christmas program was wonderful! Your grandchildren are so adorable. I bet they had a fun time! That's so great you could were able to go see them. Thank you for sharing your photos! :)

  5. Isn't a choir of children's voices so very sweet?

  6. Isn't it wonderful to see children singing praises to the Father....and warms our hearts when some of the kids are our grandchildren......

    So precious...

  7. Oh I remember those days of our girls programs. They were so precious.

  8. Look at all of those sweet kiddos! Makes Christmas so special!!
    Noreen, thank you for your kind comment on my blog today. You truly are a wonderful person. I wish I could know you in person!!!

  9. My G-daughter went to church all her childhood but when she left home her never went any more. Maybe that will change when she has her own baby.
    Reggie is a tough little guy!!!
    Good for him!! I love Zoie to death but I miss My Bambi so much!!!
    Love ya, Fern


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