Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Thursday Friends, I hope your week has been filled with joy and laughter, love and friendship, mercy and grace. Our week has been a good one and each day with our sweet Reggie is a gift; we don't know how long we have with him so we are enjoying him while we can.  Of course, I am watching for any signs that he is in pain or having problems; there are little things I notice but nothing major yet.  So today I am thankful for this little old dog who has been a faithful companion to us and was best friends with our dog Sadie.

I am thankful for times spent with grands; I'd be surrounded by them all the time if I could.  Nothing brings my heart joy more than the moments I spend with them; they are all so very precious.
I am thankful that my dear man is going on a golf trip today; he'll be with a close friend in Las Vegas and I'm thankful that the temps haven't been in the 113+ like they were last year.  I'm thankful that he takes these trips each year because they bring him joy.
I am thankful for the big pasta salad I made last night that will last me through the weekend.  I enjoy more relaxed times when he is away.
I am thankful for the library book I just finished-"It's all about Him" by Denise Jackson(wife of Alan Jackson).  This book was wonderful and although sharing her growth in the Lord during their marital problems, I think that everyone could glean so much truth from Denise's book.
I am thankful for my good friend and how she is so close that we get to walk almost every day and do strength training twice a week(most weeks).  I know I wouldn't be doing it alone.
I am thankful for the hope of a puppy in the future.  Don't yet know what kind, probably a mixed breed of some sort-with poodle in her and all the love and energy a bundle of fur can bring.
Hope you're having a good week and don't forget to have a thankful heart.  Please visit Lynn for more TT posts.


  1. Good morning! I love your list...I love your joyful, happy heart. And I am soo right there with you. Time spent with grandkids is soo my favorite time. The book sounds good. I might look for it. Have a wonderful day my friend! and enjoy some quiet time. ; ) HUGS

  2. I always love visiting you and my heart is breaking for the loss of your Reggie. Oh Nor, God gives us dogs so we can see unconditional love in action.

    Hugging you tight. I will write you later. Love you. Lynn

  3. What a sweet and endearing post....your heart shows through every word.....I am glad Reggie is hanging in there......

    That picture with you and your grandchildren is absolutely precious.....I know you must have it framed to remind you of those rich moments with them....

    We have ours today for 6 days and we are looking forward to a good long weekend......There's absolutely nothing like our grandchildren.......

    Have fun while your hubby is all those things you feel you can't do while he is home....that's what I try to do....Have a great weekend.......

    Hugs and blessings,

  4. What a great list of "thanks".
    I'll be putting you and Sadie on my prayer list (this bring tears to my eyes).

  5. enjoyed my visit...checking in on reggie...did you get my email about the poodles ? i have been having internet connection trouble...i hope you got it...let me know if you need any help concerning poodles...i am happy to help...

    kary and teddy

  6. Oh your grands are precious...I am praying for one soon.

    Our dog's name is Sadie..yes she is a Schnauzer... miniature, without her ears clipped. We have had her since a puppy, for six years, five kids in the house at the time all adults or teens. Yes she will bark at people walking a noisy neighbor. She doesn't like to be picked up...which is hard for little ones...we had another child one year after getting her. She never bit, but she didn't like him near her...not what I would call a good small kids dogs.

    The bread I loved the most is Havanese....they are odorless (really they can lay on your pillow and you never smell them) shed less and get very attached. We had them when our first four were little ones.

    We have had cocker spaniels,(great kids dogs, some health issues they are known for) american alaskan(miniature, again great with kids) adult kids have labs...which are great with children, but not a indoor dog for me.

    Blessings as you find the right breed for you and yours. Sorry about your pet...they so become part of the family.

  7. Noreen, I can feel the gratitude in your post today, and in the rush of my day, you've reminded me of things to be grateful for as well. I'm glad that Reggie is still with you!

  8. Loved all your camping pictures (o;
    spending time with the grands is the best (o:
    Puppy? How fun that is to look forward to.
    Glad you are just relishing your time with reggie though
    Want to come up...down? and hang out this week?


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