Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Woes

You all know that old saying "When the cat's away, the mice will play" but in my case, today the saying goes "When the cat's away, the mouse will clean and get into trouble."  I decided this morning to clean out my bathroom drawers and do some general cleaning.  In our master bath, we have a jacuzzi tub and shower enclosure-before you say ahh, don't; you see we both prefer showers, thetub is very old and I think in the two years we've lived here I only used it once.  Our daughter and her kiddos used it once when they lived here but in general hasn't had the jets cleaned or run.  Being the diligent(o.k. just kidding)wife I am, I decided to fill the tub and add some bleach to the water.  After it was filled, I thought I'd run the jets to clean them out and then let the water soak and hopefully bleach out some of the dinginess that makes the tub look old.  All of this because hubby is away and I thought I'd accomplish some thorough cleaning.  So I let the water sit and then ran the jets one more time before I emptied the tub-while scrubbing.  While I had let the water sit, I was cleaning out my nightstand; so after I drained it and it finished, I thought I'd take all the upstairs garbage to the can in the garage.  Well I'm going to the garage and I hear "drip, drip, drip" coming from the laundry room.  There was water leaking out of the light fixture, which happens to sit right below our bathtub.  Can you say panic?! By this time, the tub is drained but my laundry room has water all over the floor-and it has bleach in it.  Thankfully, we just have vinyl so that wasn't a concern; I reached and got my plastic garbage can and put it under the dripping plus grabbed some beach towels and threw them on the floor.  I put in a call to our sil and although they were out running errands he said they'd come right over.  I was able to finally get the power turned off in the laundry room and actually able to disconnect the light fixture-and have more water drip down on me.  One of my main concerns though was any water on my feet getting tracked onto the carpet.  Sil and family got here and daughter was quite impressed that I got the light fixture down by myself; he couldn't find anywhere that it was leaking under the tub but said it could have been from the old motor-which I had unplugged.  So right now we are letting everything dry out and when hubby comes home he can thoroughly inspect everything. Needless to say, I won't be plugging in the motor to the bathtub again and if we ever decide to  move then we'll probably need to get some new parts of something.  It never fails that when hubby is away, something happens.  Honestly, all I could think of is how much is this going to cost to fix and how long will we need to wait to get a puppy if things keep going wrong.  But for now, it is o.k. and since the power is off in the laundry room I won't need to worry about anything electrical.
Hope your Saturday is going smoother than mine. 
Hugs, Noreen


  1. Oh my, Noreen! I would have been panicked as well ... and in my panic, I'm sure I wouldn't have had my wits about me to either turn off the power before disconnecting the light fixture and/or actually disconnect the light fixture! :-D

    Hope that any repairs necessary won't cost too much and won't interfere with a new puppy. {{hug}}

  2. Oh no Noreen! What an ordeal!!! These things always seems to happen to me when my husband is far away too!!! Hope it isn't a huge expense to fix.
    Grrrrr!! Maybe tomorrow will be better!

  3. Our jet-tub is above the laundry room, too! I'm sooo wondering what happened.

    What I know for SURE is that if my guy is gone SOMETHING is going to happen. Our front yard French Drain clogged one time while he was away and I had to go out into the pouring rain and unclog it. Otherwise our garage would have flooded. I was sooo upset.

    Hope whatever is wrong doesn't cost you an arm...or a leg.



  4. Oh I am sorry for the mess. I hate when things fall apart! I hope you get your precious puppy soon!! Let us know!!

  5. Oh glory....glad you got it under control. Always seems to be something...a puppy will bring joy... DON'T WAIT!!!! (c: We went against all logic with adopting Molly. Best thing God has done for us in a long much joy.

  6. Hope Sunday goes much better! God bless you.

  7. Oh Noreen, this sounds like a woe that happened to me! a couple of years ago....I am so sorry, this happened to you especially while your husband was gone, It sounds like you got everything under control, pretty quick, and how blessed to have the calvary near by. ~smile~
    I found for us that everything dried out pretty fast, and there was minimal damage, ( whew) prayer for you too.
    Keep us posted.

  8. Someday this will be among your funniest of memories (I've got a stock pile of similar ones)!

    The solution: hubby must NEVER go away :)



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