Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Camping in Estes, Part 2

 Papa bought airplanes for all the kiddos-they all loved them. 
 Our little Peanut.
 Our little engineer, precise planning.
 We loved this photo because it shows the plane flying.
 Mud Pies.

 Even baby girls like to play in the dirt.
 Carrie watching the kiddos while I look at a magazine.
We had a beautiful full moon.  I love being outdoors and taking in the majesty of God's creation.

Have a joy-filled day.


  1. Great pics...such cuties! Hope you are having a good day! HUGS

  2. OH my, your precious grandchildren.....what a great idea to get toy planes and of course the dirt is always a great idea for kids.......So glad you had this time with your family........wonderful family photos.....

    We are having our three Thursday through Monday so I think I will use your plane idea and of course they are already versed in the many uses of "dirt".......

    I hope you have a great day, Moreen.....

  3. I <3 seeing precious pictures of your family.

    Your grandchildren are truly adorable.....

    Have a BLESSED day.

  4. What great pictures ... of wonderful subjects, right? Right! Thanks for sharing! Even though I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the beach, reading your posts is making me wish to get away to the mountains! <3

  5. You have just reminded me of how I made mud 'cupcakes' with my own children:

    Pile up a heap of sand into a peak. Press your thumb into the sand at the top of the peak to make a small well. Then, VERY carefully and slowly, pour some water into the well. Wait a while. Then dust away the loose,dry sand from around the little 'cake' at the top of the pile. Lay the little mud cup-cake out in a special place and invite your friends to tea :)
    The kids LOVE this!
    Let me know how it goes.



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