Monday, July 11, 2011

My Girls

 These are two of my girls, Miss S on the right side and Miss F on the left. Both are growing up so quickly; they love each other and their sisters.  It is such a blessing to spend time together.  On Friday, we had a tea party at one daughter's house. Normally, our daughters have girlie tea parties for the granddaughters every month or two but life has a way of sneaking up on you and passing you by, so it has been several months since our last one.  The little girls love these parties and it is a way to teach them how to be a hostess and incorporate fun food and crafts.  The girls love the fun times and while the girls are playing, Grandpa is outside with the boys working with wood.

This is the craft that our daughter did-pinwheels made out of scrap booking paper.  They were soft pastel colors are so adorable.  I was never this creative when my girls were young.
The food was incredible too-yogurt parfaits with fresh raspberries and granola, an assortment of crackers, fresh fruit, ice tea/water and for dessert marshmallows dipped in dark chocolate with pink sugar sprinkled on top.  It was a beautiful day outside so we were able to picnic under one of the trees.  Unfortunately I left my camera inside so these are the only photos I've got. 
Today I'm off to walk and then go to bible study. I'm hoping hubby and I can ride this afternoon before the rain starts.
Have a wonderful day,  Noreen


  1. Such pretty little girls! Aren't they fun? I saw a great photo of the quilt you made for Deb's daughter Melly. You did a fabulous job!!!

  2. Noreen

    You grand daughters sure are cute and look so sweet. You have been so blessed. They are creative too. I was not very creative either when I was younger.

    Tou can send some rain to Oregon because we need it to settle the pollen and to water the lawns.

    Have a great bible study and a wonderful Monday!

    Blessings & Hugs

  3. Love the sweet faces of your girls and those pinwheels are darling. My Miss K turns 9 in November. WHAT? NINE? No Way. I'm already missing her childhood.

    Love to you sweet friend~


  4. The girls certainly are beautiful
    and I'm sure such a joy to you!
    Sounds like happy times with your
    grandkids. I look forward to those

  5. Hi Noreen, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving those lovely compliments. Max is a choc.lab.He is coming up 9 yrs.

  6. Your Grand-daughters are lovely, I had two daughters and they were so much fun when they were small..My Grand-daughter will be 13 in Sept..she still likes to come over and spend the weekend with us..but I wonder for how long..
    Grand-daughters are so special and its such a blessing that they have each other..My girls are 32 and 34 are living together right now.
    Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabaeth

  7. That is so so so sweet Noreen. To have those parties to teach the girls how to be girls. No one ever taught me how to be a girl. Of course the two men in my life liked me b/c I was not much like a girl!!
    So happy to hear Reggie is hanging in there!!
    xx, Fern

  8. Such pretty little ones ~ So special that they are friends!! Gods gift to have such a special relationship!

    Love the craft :) You are getting rain?? Oh how I wish we could have some! It is just so miserable here. Yesterday we were 111 and according to the Weather Channel our town was the Hottest in the country! Can you believe that! Today was still 108. Pretty much above 100 for the rest of the week!

    Which bible study are you doing?

    Have a blessed day my friend!

  9. Your girls are so cute! I like your daughters pin wheels too.

  10. Such sweet memories these little girls will have! And the boys too! I'm glad you can enjoy such precious times together!

    Have a lovely day, Noreen!

  11. Noreen, what beautiful sisters and isn't it fun having granddaughters to do all kinds of stuff with....I love the fact that you have tea parties and in addition to the fun they are learning how to entertain....What a great idea.........You are a blessed grandma.......

    What are you studying in your Bible Study?
    and how is Reggie?

    Have a great day on your bike ride.....

  12. They are soo cute, and how sweet they are together. I love the idea of having the tea parties. What special memories they will have of those. Your day sounds soo good, including the afternoon rain. ENJOY! Hugs!


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