Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good Morning Ladies,  What a glorious day to be alive.  The older I get, the more I appreciate the gift of each day and try to make the most of it.  My good friend, Lynn, at
is hosting Thankful Thursday today and her topic is Miracles.  As I pondered this subject this morning, I realized there are so many over my life span that I wasn't sure what to share.  One in particular stood out so thought I'd share about it this morning.  We moved to Colorado, from California, three and a half years ago. Some of you know our story but our entire family moved within two weeks of each other.  Our oldest daughter and her gang moved the weekend before Thanksgiving and then hubby, I, our youngest daughter and her gang moved the first weekend of December.  We were all native Californians and had never moved to another state or lived in snow country. So not only were we taking on this adventure but we were moving ourselves in the midst of winter weather.  We had a little caravan going-two big moving trucks, driven by the men and I was in one car-our Explorer with our two dogs and our daughter was in her Mazda minivan with two daughters and a huge(120 lb)dog.  We came through Utah and until we got to Salt Lake City the trip was pretty easy.  When we got into Salt Lake though, it was another story-it was night and the weather was absolutely horrid-blizzard conditions.  I was so stressed I was ready to stay there for the night but everyone else wanted to push on a bit further.  Let me tell you that I had never driven in a snowstorm before.  Anyway, we pushed on and spent the night in an awful motel but got ready to travel first thing the following morning.  Here we are, our little caravan on I-80 heading to Colorado; picture the scene of icy roads and big rigs that had jack knifed.  Well, my sweet man was behind me in the moving van and I'm checking on him in my rear view mirror.  All of the sudden I see, to my horror, a big rig right behind him that had the trailer going sideways and out of control.  I got on the walkie-talkie and told hubby to speed it up so the rig wouldn't hit him.  I can tell you I was praying like crazy and thankfully there were angels around my man that day because the driver of the semi was able to get the truck back under control.  It took me several years to realize just how stressful that trip was; we were out running errands in similar weather but hubby was driving and I was pretty uncomfortable being out in it.  I have gained a new appreciation  for our old Explorer since that initial move; prior to that I didn't like the way it rode but now I don't care, it is one of the best all terrain vehicles there is.  The Lord kept us all safe that trip and brought us to our new state.  I have commented that I will never move cross state lines in the middle of winter again. 
That is my miracle testimony, how about you?  Have you seen miracles in your life? 
I am thankful to the Lord for the many times I've seen His hand miraculously work in my life and those I love.
Filled with thanksgiving, Noreen


  1. That is an amazing story! I was telling someone yesterday, we're probably going to be overwhelmed when we get to Heaven and God shows us all the times He protected us and we didn't even know it.

  2. Oh Noreen,

    What a fantastic, scary story. My friend, angles indeed were riding all around and in those vehicles.

    Praising God for all the miracles, big and small He sends to us. Hugging you and happy TT.

  3. God is our help in times of trouble and thankful we are for His divine protection.

  4. Hello Noreen, what an amazing and faith building story!

    What some call 'daily miracles' I call 'tender mercies' which to me are reminders that God loves us and is watching over us, keeping us and our families safe. Like you, I feel strongly that the closer to God we become, the more we recognize these miracles or tender mercies in our lives.

  5. Driving in snow storms can be very scary, so glad the Lord protected you. I love Colorado...where do you live?

  6. My hubby drives an 18 wheeler and I am so scared every time he drives in weather like that...

  7. Noreen, what a scary heart was just beating as I was reading and could sense the terror in your words....Isn't God wonderful as He was protecting your entire family that night and that truck driver might have been saved from a crash because of you and your prayers....He does put His angels all around us and for that I am so grateful......

    I like you have had many miracles in my lifetime. One such time was our family, along with some friends and their kids, were going on a skiing vacation. As we were on the last leg of the trip and winding up the mountain in the middle of the night on icy roads, our van started slipping and sliding and ended up with the back wheels off the side of the mountain......Our guys got out to put on chains (obviously they are not used to using them) ....My friend and five little kids were in the car and it started sliding again.....We started praying and God saved us from going over the mountain....We ended up having a wonderful vacation.....

    Thanks for reminding us about all the miracles in our life......I love your family stories.....

    Hugs and blessings,

  8. happy to see you today and happy to hear reggie is doing well, my friend

    kary and teddy

  9. I've driven through plenty of snowstorms and know what white-knuckle syndrome feels like! It can be so stressful, your entire body is sore the next day from tensing up. Praise God for keeping you safe.

  10. Morning Noreen,
    Great post, it is amazing the neat things the Lord does all around us.
    What a great story of God's protection, that had to be a very scary sight. I
    have a few of those type of stories myself! Thanks for sharing it with us.
    You wonder how many times the Lord spares us from things that we have no idea about.
    I think of some emails I got about people who lived thru 911, one man was spared cause he took his child to kingergarten, another because he got a blister and had to stop and get a bandaid, another cause he had to stop and buy donuts for the office, another because he missed his bus........amazing lil interruptions that spared their when I am interrupted or held up in traffic or something.... I wonder what the Lord might be sparing me or us from!!

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    Take Care Noreen,
    Hope all is well at your house hon,
    Blessings, Nellie


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