Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My thoughts have definitely been on those in the Midwest and on the East Coast with all the tornado activity that has destroyed many home and towns.  In fact, just yesterday we had some hail and I had to go check out our clouds and see how the sky looked.  This morning, very early, we got a reverse 911 call alerting residents to the fact that a person the police were searching for was no longer in the area.  It would have been reassuring if we had gotten the initial call but that left us wondering why we weren't notified. 
I am so thankful that we have One who never sleeps or slumbers and Who watches over us continually.
We who know the Giver of Life never need to fret or worry; how about you-are you at peace?
Praising Him for His faithfulness.


  1. Thank you for your comment today sister! What a great reminder you've posted here . . . to remain in prayer and not worry . . . God never slumbers and is always in control!

  2. We've been very thankful that so far all the hail has missed us. We have 5 sun tunnels in the house and in the 10 years since we built we haven't had hail...not sure how they will stand up...so I pray hard. Isn't it wonderful that He watches over us...there are so many things that we don't even know about. Setting our gaze on Him...peace.

  3. Amen ... with God in control, we really have nothing to fear or worry about.

  4. There is some crazy weather out there for sure.
    We had no hail???
    The reverse call would be weird. We have never had one. Were they looking for the Mall Bomber in your area. They caught him in Boulder.

  5. I too have been praying for those with the terrible destruction. Being from Nebraska I can remember those terrible storms.

    Such a scary call to get. We have not ever recieved anything like that but it is good to know but it would have been nice to be notified initially.

    Have a good day!
    Blessings & Love


  6. Oh yes, praise God that He never slumbers or forgets! The wild fires by Mel are under control too, thank God! Soo many natural disasters...uummm...what does that sound like??

    I spent the day looking at patterns and fabric as I am "thinking" about making Mel bumper pads, and bed skirt and crib sheets for her nursery. However, I just keep thinking how good the fabrics you picked would look....Do you know of a good pattern for these things??? I only found one in Mc Calls....just thinking aloud here, haha...

    Hope you had a good day and are feeling better...


  7. Oh Noreen we have had some amazing hail here ~ some golf ball size and some quarter size and others smaller but no matter ....the storms have been unreal! With you I am sooo thankful the Lord watches over us AT ALL TIMES! Truly... a Peace that passes all understanding

    HUGS to you my friend!


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