Thursday, April 14, 2011


This morning I was in a rush so quickly hurried to get my TT post done but left off the most important reason for my thankful heart this day-you see my sweet little girl, our Peanut is four today.  I was having a difficult time with finding a recent photo and our weather was pretty yucky so I decided to wait until later to post this.  I'm hoping her mama checks back so she might see this.
Our peanut is one tough cookie, so to speak.  At ten months of age she began showing signs of severe(I mean severe)GERD and was put on adult strength meds.  These meds had a very sedative effect on her and by the time she was one and a half other problems had begun to surface as well.  She was in and out of childrens hospital in Denver and basically the doctors could not find anything to help this wee little one.  There were developmental delays as well and therapy was started.  Fast forward to today~through in depth testing and supplements and most importantly prayer our little girl is healthy and happy, on par for her age-except her size(but that's o.k. because I'm pretty short)and has made remarkable strides.  What can I say but like all our grands, this girl has her nana and papas hearts.  It is lucky she doesn't live with us full time cause she'd be one spoiled girl but I am so thankful that we live close and I can see her daily if need be.
It is great joy that we are living so close to our daughters and their children.  It is with abundant gratitude to our Lord for His Hand on this child.  I can't wait to see what He has planned for her future.
May our Lord richly bless you Miss M and make His face to shine upon you, today and always.
With all our love,
Nana and Papa


  1. OK...this is the most precious post evahhhhh. What a blessing your little PEANUT is to you. God has certainly shown His favor to you my friend. Beautiful.

    Love to you~


  2. What an amazing story ... praise God that your Peanut has overcome a rough beginning to be a sweet, healthy and happy little girl!

    I too consider myself so blessed to be just 15-20 minutes from my grands. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we would have retired further south ... except that I simply couldn't bear to be that far from my Ts. ;-)

  3. Hi Noreen,

    Happy Birthday to your little peanut! She is adorable. God is so good, indeed. Take care and have a lovely Thankful Thursday

    Nancy know it's probably a good thing we don't live close. I think we could really help support the quilt shop(s) I too, need a new project. Ha

  4. You are blessed indeed to be so close to your girls and your grands...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this little sweetie. WOW...she has had a lot and yet praise God she is healthy and happy today. I've really missed living so close to my one set of grands. They use to be only 5 minutes or so from us and so I saw them seveal times a week if only for a few minutes sometimes. Now they are a good 35 min. and takes much more of a plan. But close enough it is not a real issue. Hope you had a good day! HUGS

  5. Wishing Peanut, a very blessed and happy birthday.
    I remember when she was having those problems and now just look at her. God Is so good.

  6. happy birthday to your peanut! it is also my oldest daughter Megan's birthday today - she is 26 - and yesterday, my daughter Melissa turned 25. they are the same age for 24 hours and Melissa always thought it was cool - Megan? not so much.. ha!


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