Monday, April 25, 2011

The last several years we have been unable to host Easter at our home and this year was such fun.  We started with a brunch that included scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, fried potatos, muffins-regular and gluten free, strawberries, juice and coffee.  Afterwards the men hid all the eggs and candy outside for the grands. 
It was such fun although a bit cold yet.  Our lawn is starting to green up but you can still see some of the brown dormant areas.  Trying to get photos of the boys is difficult because they are so fast.

 Daughter Kim found some wonderful Sack Race bags on special and although the kiddos didn't understand the concept at first, they got the hang of it.  Our oldest J is a very fast runner and looks so happy being in the lead.

Everyone had a wonderful morning and then had some down time before evening services.  I've had a slight cold and other than being low on energy felt fine. 
I pray you each had a blessed Easter and that your heart smiled throughout the day.
Hugs, Noreen


  1. Looks like such fun! Rest up and may those virus bugs be squashed, in Jesus name

  2. Looks like so much fun.
    we did not do an egg hunt yesterday since we had one last weekend. I had all my kids and spouses and 4 of the 6 grands here. We had a great day.

  3. I miss having little ones around
    at Easter. It was always such fun
    to dye and hide eggs. At least I
    have that to look forward to when
    our grandkids come along. These
    kiddos sure are cute!

  4. Beautiful children having great fun!
    Awesome sight to see and enjoy.

    I love this time of year! Especially.

    God bless,

  5. God bless you!

    I didn't mention turkey bacon....going to have to try this. Think I'd like it.

    Sorry about the cold. I know they're not fun. May you get to feeling better today.

    Coughing here in Kansas,

  6. Sounds like we had such similiar Easter days...soo wonderful! I am glad you had a good one, and sorry you have a cold. I pray you are over it quickly. I did get the pic of the fabric and I forwarded it to Mel. She is working today so I haven't heard from her yet but I am sure she will love it. I thought it was ABSOLUTELY perfect and am quite anxious to see a finished block. Don't push yourself in ANY way though Noreen. Take your time, there is plenty of it. Soo exciting. Feel better soon...lot's of love!

  7. What wonderful pictures! Easy to see why you had such a wonderful Easter!

    I'm sorry that you have a cold ... hopefully it'll pass quickly so you can get your "bounce" back.

    Hope you have had a marvelous Monday!

  8. How wonderful children and grand
    children are! Looks like you have
    your share of joy!
    Hope your cold gets better quick.

  9. What a fun day!
    Your lawn looks just like mine - we must be in the same climate. Hopefully things take off soon....I'm ready to be done with all things brown for a while!

  10. What sweet memories you all are making!!! Love seeing your grands having so much fun. Hope you feel better soon. Take care


  11. looks like y'all had a great time! i love seeing the pictures of all the grandbabies. so precious! next year, i'm coming to brunch at your house!

  12. Looks like the Grands were having a GRAND time!!! Isn't it just the best?! I was surprised to see them in short sleeves!!

  13. Yes, we had a special day, too!! I hope you are feeling better by now.


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