Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hidden From Sight

You would never know it by looking at this picture but Colorado and other states are dealing with Pine Beetle infestation that is killing thousands of acres of Pine trees. Last weekend we drove up the Steamboat Springs as a get away and were so shocked and saddened to see the devastation that this small little beetle is causing. It was definitely more noticeable on our trip and hasn't quite made it's way to our side of the Rockies, yet. My understanding is that about the only way to handle this problem is to cut down all the infected trees and then burn them. What a shame.
Looking at this made me think of how easily sin, be it inside and hidden or outside for all to see, creeps slowly in and before you know it has taken root there and spreads to infect the entire person. Often we too are so unaware of it creeping in or of being encouraged in us that it is almost impossible to withstand. Extreme examples can always be found; drug use, pornography, prostitution, theft, larceny, adultery are just a few that come to mind and although we may be innocent of those sins, lets take a look at some others: greed, lust, lying, laziness. Whatever the culprit, it wrecks havoc on a life and often spills out to those around us. Have you ever been around a person so entrenched in bitterness or hatred that they couldn't see it was destroying them more.

There is an answer for us though, the answer for all sin is the Blood Of Jesus. All we need to do is call upon Him and ask for Him to cleanse us from our sin. I am so thankful that it is that simple, maybe not always easy but He is faithful to forgive us and cleanse us from our unrighteousness. Sometimes we have to continue to go back and seek Him but He is always there for us. As an old hymn says, "Who can wash away my sin, Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

May we daily look into our innermost beings and search our hearts and minds.


  1. He is the answer! Amen! :)

    Thanks for visiting today!

  2. Sin does creep in like an ugly beetle, and infests others doesn't it. Gives me the heebie jeebies.
    But we are more than conquerors In Jesus! WHOOhOoO


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