Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Looking Heavenward

On my drive home Sunday evening from our church service I pondered the deep truth that was presented to us. The Word was so powerful and the presence of the Lord so tangible, the message wasn't one you could just walk away from-it was life changing truth. The kind of truth that sinks deep into your spirit and causes you to assess the very essence of your life. The passage was from the book of Ezekiel and the message was concerning the aspect of God's nature; He is a commanding God and when we call Him Lord we give and yield total control of our life to Him. God wants us 24x7 so that everything we speak is what the Father says and every action and attitude should be the extension of His life. This is a message of life and death. God gives us a choice, give it all up and forsake everything to Him or we die spiritually.
This morning as I read one of my favorite blogs, Holy Experience, Ann quoted St.Teresa of Avila. This quote touched me for two reasons; firstly my parents choose my middle name after this Woman of God and it touched me mostly for the prayer it is.

"Let your desire be the vision of God,
Your fear the loss of Him,
Your sorrow His absence,
and your joy in that which may take you to Him,
and your life shall be in great peace."

So today Lord, may I find my true pleasure in You. May I hunger for more of Your Presence. May my words and actions and heart attitudes be an extension of Your life in me. Amen.

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  1. Mom, this is a great post! I loved that quote from HE as well... love ya


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