Sunday, August 31, 2008

An Old Rugged Cross

This last week my daughter and her family joined my dear hubby and I on an adventure, or as my friends the Kiwi's say "A Holiday".
We drove up to Garden City, Utah to sight-see and spend time at a beautiful pristine lake, Bear Lake.
One day we drove into Idaho to do some grocery shopping and spied this old deserted church on the side of the road. There were no signs or indications as to what type of church this might have been but I found it intriguing. As I often do, I pondered the Life it once held and wondered what had happened to close it down. It looks so sad, if a structure can look sad, and desolate like much of the landscape we drove through to get to Utah. I wondered if the Word of God was preached here and if lives were saved and given eternal life. I would have loved to have been able to peek a look inside or to talk to someone who once attended this church. But unless a dear reader has some insight they can share, all I can do is speculate.
Whenever we travel I love to see the sights of quaint, tucked away towns and country back roads. I love to imagine life in earlier days and families drawn together to fellowship around God's Word. For in Him is life, life abundant, eternal and free for the asking.
Be Blessed today as we celebrate Labor Day.
Living in Him, Noreen


  1. yep I guess we would say it's a holiday lol, have fun :-)

  2. Hi! Nice of you to stop by. If you click on the links for the Bakery and Wash Park on the post--"day off-what would you do?" you'll see the addresses and locations. We're headed to the farm today as well!


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