Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Fun

Last February a friend was visiting from California and we went to a yard/barn sale in Longmont. I wasn't sure what to expect but we were pleasantly surprised that it was a collection of country nic-nacs, furniture and garden wagons. We spent quite a bit of time sorting through different areas of the barn and I signed the mailing list after finding out that the lady only holds the sales twice a year. Actually one gal has a country store in Longmont but I never did find it.
So today dear hubby and I ventured out for the summer barn sale, looking for antiques(the mailer promised!)and anything else that might catch our eye. Actually, hubby has been looking for old barn wood to build tables with and hasn't yet found any. It was good to go back to her barn and check out her new purchases but we came away empty handed. There were a lot of rustic furniture such as cupboards, which I probably could have used in my quilt room, to store fabric in, however we are retired and I try to be more frugal about buying "things" I don't need.There were many old quilts but I choose to pass on those too, I like creating my own.

We met some new friends, that used to live in our town in Ca., for lunch and it was great visiting with them.

This morning was cloudy and somewhat cool with thunderstorms predicted but then the sun started shining and the sky was clear. This afternoon it is again cloudy, with thunderclouds and looks like it could storm. Wednesday eve we had quite a storm here, we were on a tornado and flash flood watch. The town of Greeley, east of us, got 2.5" of rain in 30 minutes. Glad we didn't have quite that much, I wonder if we'll have heavy rains tonight. Tomorrow we are going to a Rockies baseball game in Denver and I hope it isn't cold and rainy.

We also talked to a friend who has a ski cabin in Steamboat Springs, where we are headed next weekend, and got some great tips for places to see and things to do. I'm excited about visiting a new area of Colorado and will hopefully find some wonderful shots of wildlife.

Oh yes, our geese have returned to our nearby lake. It must be signaling that fall is approaching.
Have a blessed weekend!

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  1. Great picture of John and Ben - can't tell who is happier to be in each others company!!!


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