Friday, August 15, 2008

My favorite colors

Purple and green are some of my absolute favorite colors, especially purple. I have one quilt in the same color family that hangs in our guest room; I wanted it to evoke a warm, restful feeling for family and friends visiting. This fabric was purchased at Wine Country Quilt Show several years ago along with the pattern and it was stashed away until I had time. The last year or so I decided I couldn't purchase any more patterns or fabric until I had made some up that I already had. So viola...I got this together last week and I love it plus it goes perfectly with my larger quilt that adorns our guest room. I must have been on a purple kick that year, maybe two, because I have more purple fabric in my stash; different hues-dark burgundy and grape fabric but I am still determined to finish those projects I bought so long ago. Someday I'll have more wall space to use up but for now I need to get fabric for the back of this and start hand quilting it. I have three other quilts downstairs that also need hand quilting but fall and winter will be here soon and that will give me projects to work on.

Everyone should have a project or hobby; I sometimes think I am one of God's unfinished projects-still a work in progress and a work in grace. I'm so thankful He continues to grow me and teach me.


  1. That is a beautiful quilt! and yes, being thankful that God never stops working in us because of His grace and mercy!

  2. Hi Nananor!
    I've been reading you! ;)
    Love this quilt! ~ and beeelieve you me, I'm a work in progress too. LOL
    hehehaooaoa BEAUTIFUL colors in this quilt!... Ok, gonna go comment some more! ;)


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