Friday, September 22, 2017

Oh The Food

Happy Friday to you all. We are back at home and had such a great time getting away! We had a very relaxing time in Steamboat Springs and it was just what we needed. On Tuesday night, after checking in we went to a favorite Steak House called the 8th Street Grill. One of the interesting things is that you actually choose your cut of meat at the counter and then you cook it on an indoor grill yourself. WE haven't been there for several years, but I always take picture of the animals in the restaurant for our youngest grandson.
I'm not quite sure what their seasoning mix is, but it's really good.  They give your instructions on how hot the grill is and how long you'll need to grill them on each side.
On Wednesday night we tried a new restaurant, recommended by our neighbors and oh my, what a great place it was. It felt like we were in Italy.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of the salad that came with this dish and I had already moved my spoon around before I remembered to take this photo. O.k., so because they make all their own pasta from scratch and even had gluten free pasta I really wanted to try this dish. I'm almost afraid to tell you what is was, because I know many might react the way I typically would and not try it. However, after talking to John the owner/chef I felt comfortable trying it. I used to eat Veal Marsala for years, until I learned how calves were treated. I am here to reassure you that this Veal was a local source and the rancher had a dairy farm that was failing, so she decided to sell some of her calves that had been raised free range with their moms to local restaurants. They were not treated inhumanly, as most calves kept for Veal are. I can also tell you that this meal was one of the all time best, if not best meal, my hubby and I have ever eaten. We had a nice talk with the owner afterwards and this will be a restaurant that we frequent when we go back.
Yesterday morning we went to one of the breakfast places we frequent and this is what we had.  I had the Athena Scrabble with tomatoes, asparagus and mushrooms sprinkled with Feta cheese.  Loved it.
Hubby had a avocado, spinach, bacon and cheese scramble that I can't remember the name of.  WE brought half of our meal home for tomorrow's breakfast.
We headed out about 9:15 and were home right about 1:00, after stopping for a car wash.  We had taken a drive out in the country and the car was covered in mud.  I will have photos of what we saw on my next post.  Hunter had a great time with family, but I always love picking him up.
I've already walked this morning, now have to wrap some birthday presents and then hope to sew.  Tonight we have a birthday celebration for two grands; should be so fun.  Hubby and I will head to the gym this afternoon to do some work-probably just do the treadmill and bikes, until we find out from a trainer what our routine will be.
I hope you have a great day, Happy Fall y'all.

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  1. Well, you have been a busy gal having all kinds of fun. The meals sound delicious, especially grilling your own steak. That's neat! Have a great first weekend of fall!


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