Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Blessings In A Small Town

Hello friends~In today's world where so many people think only of themselves and what they can get out of life, it is refreshing to have a land owner in our small town plant a crop of corn and another orchard and then announce to those living in the development he started that the corn is for anyone to go pick.  Thank you Martin! We found out about it by chance and since hubby works for the land owner/golf course/country club we were able to go pick, which we did.  Apparently, most people in the development aren't picking it and it may very well be taken over by critters.  One daughter and her family were able to go pick; they even put some of it in the freezer for the winter.  We've had fresh corn for the last two nights and I think we will go back on Friday or Saturday to get some more.  Our oldest is out of town and we may pick some from them.  It isn't the sweetest corn I've tasted, but in my book there is nothing like fresh corn.  I could eat it every day.  We often just wrap it in foil with a little bit of butter and throw it on the bbq.
I had a photo of the stalks, but I delete things from my cell phone so quickly and that was one of the pics.
Today's sky is a bit clearer and hopefully the fires in Montana and California, Oregon and Washington will be put out.  It has been so hazy here; I pray for those firefighters and those in the fires path.  It wasn't enough for Harvey to devastate Texas and other areas, but now Irma is  looks to be worse.
I hope you are all having a great day and enjoying the changing season.

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