Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Our small town isn't feeling very small anymore. There is tons of building going on and the traffic is heavy. We've been spoiled for 10 years and I hate to see us grow more. Saturday and Sunday there was a dawn patrol Hot Air balloon watch, which we passed on(we used to go in Ca. to all of them) and also a car show at a local park; we normally go, but hubby had to work. Our youngest girls family went and said they can't remember it ever being as packed as it was this year. Saturday evening there was an all town bbq at the lake with a concert and fireworks following it. Hubby again had to work, but everyone must have been at the concert and he was able to get off early. He stopped and got us a pizza and we headed over to have dinner there. Let me tell you that our little town sponsors some great groups for our concerts. If you like country, you should recognize this singer-Carly Pearce. She has a song out that is in the top 10 on country stations-it is EVERY LITTLE THING, a song I love. Her voice is beautiful and she was so nice. Mid way through the evening, two hot air balloons were tethered and so pretty.

We couldn't believe how crowded the park was; we left before the fireworks, just to get out before traffic got nuts.  Yesterday we bypassed the all town parade, due to the crowds and the haze we have had from all the wildfires in the west and from Montana.  Instead we took our inlaws to the Harvest Festival and walked around.  It was fun, but parking was crazy-you had to park blocks away and walk in.
Hope you have a great weekend.


  1. Sounds like your town has an incredible amount of activities'

  2. I love seeing the hot air balloons get fired up! Love that last shot!

  3. I love festivals and such...all the crowds just was exciting for me...now, Mr. Sweet didn't like crowds very much.

  4. I'm definitely not a fan of "crowded" or "busy". Our town is right on the shores of Lake Michigan and there's events going on there all year round. It has gotten busier here too, than it ever has before. We stay home. I'm not sure I'm a big fan of "events" but I understand the monetary gain the towns are hoping for, by hosting them. Maybe it's just me... but I prefer the peace & quiet of my woods. :-) Happy Autumn, dear friend! xoxo

  5. Looks like the word has gotten out of what a wonderful town you have, Noreen! We live on the outskirts of a small township, which is growing too, I really wish it would stay small.
    The photos are beautiful! Thank you for sharing.


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