Monday, May 5, 2014

Our Last Day

Happy Monday to you! I am happy to say that hubby and I are back home with Hunter and Lily. Lily will be here for a week and Hunter is pleased as pie that she is. Our flights were easy and instead of spending seven hours in the airport for our connecting flight, hubby booked us a room; we were able to get about six hours of sleep, which is more than we would have gotten in the airport. The dogs were so excited to see us-but that is a story for tomorrow. On Thursday, hubby and I did some last minute shopping and then I took him to Paco's Tacos in Kapaa for lunch. It was another great lunch of fish tacos, they had lots of other items too. They have been written up on Top 10 Vacation Eats by the New York Times. After lunch, we headed to a beach we had been to before; we thought we knew the name of the beach, but ended up mistaken. After we walked it, looking for a specific heritage trail and not finding it, we saw two Monk Seals in the water.
This is juvenile female-she was so beautiful.

We don't know enough about seal behavior to know whether they were just wrestling and playing or if something else was going on. 
They were so cute; of course I called Val to alert her, so she could let the volunteers know.  It would have helped if I had the right name of the beach.  We've been going to Kauai for ten years now,  you'd think we'd be a little more informed.
This is why we weren't sure if there was mating going to happen.  I didn't get any photos of the female rolling over on her back, as if to say "come on over big fella"-but it certainly looked as if she were interested.
Isn't she just the cutest seal! 
Love this shot.  I love the seals and  would have spent more time watching them, with Val, if I could have.  The weeks went by so quickly, but Hunter was calling me back.
We arrived home on Sat. and went over to the house to check on things and open up the windows.  Yesterday, we went over in the morning and moved some things downstairs, with the help of our sil; after lunch, hubby had to go to work, so I went back with the dogs and unpacked a lot of the kitchen boxes and two for our guest room.  Hubby called me and told me he was heading home and going to bbq, so the dogs and I closed the house up and headed home.  Today, we have an appraiser coming to appraise the house for the buyers and then the buyers are coming over to take some measurements.
In the afternoon, we have Comcast coming over to set up our internet and t.v.'s.  Tuesday we have movers coming to move the big furniture and then we will be staying there. 
 We had some great luck with Craig's List this weekend~our sil sold our Kayak and we sold our old couch and recliner. 
Hope you have a terrific Monday!  I'm hoping by Wednesday, I will be able to get back around to  you all and say hello.


  1. The seals are so cute. Welcome home but sad for you that your holiday has come to an end. Now for the moving??? Good luck. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I'm sure you are glad to be home and ready to get moving. Vacations are wonderful and so is getting home.

  3. Great photos! Welcome home!! That new house big enough for a "seal pond"???

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Welcome Home Noreen!! WOW! You are so busy right now! I don't know how you keep your head on straight!! I just love the pictures of the seals on really hope we can make it to Hawaii one of these years...

    So glad that Hunter and Lily are happy once again and look forward to hearing more about what you did and about your move. xo Jeanne

  5. Oh boy what fun. Mom said she had never been to such a relaxing place
    Lily & Edward

  6. Sounds like a perfect last day. Love the pictures.....


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