Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Monday to you. Last week I shared the places we went to on Kauai and the great times we had.  I had forgotten to tell you about our drive home one evening, it could have turned out totally different than it did and I'm so thankful for angels watching over us.
We had spent the evening listening to a Celtic band in an Irish pub-of all things on Kauai. It was dusk out and our friend Glenn was driving; I was looking out the side window.  All of the sudden Glenn swerves the car to the right and everyone is raising their voices; there was a bump and by this time my heart is racing and my blood pressure is rising.  Kauai is know for its ferrel pigs and boars; a boar decided to cross the road, right as we were passing.  It was a huge boar, although I didn't see it the others did.  Thankfully, he was tagged on the rear end(I could start in on some of the jokes about pork but won't)and he spun around several times but trotted off in the bushes.  When we got back to the condos, we all checked the front of the car for damages-none.  The next day the guys checked the car again and no scrapes or anything.  They also went right by the spot where this occurred and there was no sign of an injured animal. I am thankful that the animal didn't get killed and that there were no other cars on the road, no damage to the car and that everyone was o.k. I am also thankful that I had some herbal tea with chamomile to calm me down when we got back to our condo. 

We will be working continually today; new cable company will be hooking up our t.v. and internet.  Tomorrow we have movers coming to move the big pieces of furniture and then the settling in will occur.  I'll be posting photos as I can.
Have a great day!


  1. Hi Noreen,
    Wow, the Lord was definitely watching over you guys....that certainly could have turned out
    quite differnetly as you said.
    I just hate hitting an animal too,
    so it was nice he was okay too..
    an amazing you had no damage to the
    car as well. Good thing your friend was paying close attention to his
    driving and swerved..........
    Sometimes it does make you shudder when you think of what could have happened, and also makes you soooooo thankful things turned out
    sooo well.

    So guess you had to hit the gound running since you are moving. HOpe you got the needed rest before you got home. Course, then there is usually jet lag to contend with. Hope you are feeling good and hope your move
    goes well.
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. Thank God you all were safe. But that had to have been scary. Yikes!

    I do believe that settling in is way, way more work than packing up ... hope your move goes smoothly!

  3. We are thankful no one was hurt! Yes, your angels were watchin over yous.
    stella rose

  4. So glad no one got hurt. Wild boars would scare me! Hope all things go smoothly for your with your move.


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