Friday, May 23, 2014

Craziness Again

Happy Friday friends~For many it will be a long weekend, filled with relaxing days and maybe a bbq.
Just about the time we are settling in and feeling comfortable, a decision has been made to put our youngest daughter's house on the market and try to find her family one closer to us and her sister.  If anyone would have suggested, last Oct., that the three families would be moving by the summer, we would have told them they were crazy; maybe hubby and I, but surely not our girls families.  The next month should be interesting;  in two and a half weeks we will know more for sure-can't say much until then. 
This morning started out nice; I took Hunter on a walk and we met three dogs being walked,who were friendly to him.  Then I joined hubby at our old house and we worked on the yard; mainly hubby worked on the yard.  Then we came home, had lunch and had to meet with our realtor about the potential of putting our youngest's house on the market.  This afternoon, I have to go to our community pool and get a pass; it will be nice having a pool around the corner during the warm summer days.
Tonight, our grands put on a year end presentation-filled with reports and art. 
The rest of the weekend looks pretty open, maybe a run to Costco, as well as a family bbq on Monday. Our weather is still typical for this time of year-warm and nice in the mornings with clouds and showers in the afternoon.  I'm hoping that the rain will let up a bit, there is already so much water flowing down the major rivers without the snow melting.  It could be a bad year for those who live near those rivers. 
I hope you have a great afternoon and evening.


  1. How wonderful it will be to have both sisters living nearer to you. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the new house.

  2. I hope those rivers slow down too!
    (or the rain)
    Thats very scary.
    You always have fun- so I know you will.

  3. Good luck with all the moves. Enjoy your holiday!

  4. Noreen, It is so nice that your daughters will live closer to you. My sisters and mom all live within 10 miles of each other and it makes if fun.
    Wishing you a fun filled Memorial holiday.
    Xo Marissa

  5. Oh boy! Another move in your future! Well..the good news would be that your youngest would be closer! Hugs to both you and Hunter!!

  6. That will be lovely having all the family so close by. Hope it does not rain for you and that you have at least have sun for the bbq. We had buckets of rain this morning but it looks like we might get sun in the afternoon fingers crossed.
    Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. How very exciting! I hope everything goes well!

  8. We too are moving and sympathize with the complexity of it all. Good luck.


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