Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Monday to you! I've got to say that moving has kept me so busy that I feel like I'm on a merry-go-round; my brain is spinning as I try to multitask. More than once over the last week, I've gotten to an appt. early or today, one week early. I'm hoping that as boxes finished being unpacked and life settles that my brain will begin to function normally. So this is what Colorado is giving us; many of us are so unhappy! California is having unheard of heat waves in May and we are getting some snow. Seriously Colorado; I guess since many are getting tornadoes, the white stuff isn't so bad.
This is the front of our home; my tulips are looking pretty sad.
Can you tell that Hunter has settled in well? He is in whatever room I am in.
Our front powder room; the wall hanging warms this space up.
Our guest room; it is larger than I thought it was.
The antique dresser we refinished and also one of my father-in-laws seascapes. It seemed to go with the new lamps on the nightstands.
The wall decor used to be one of two in our old kitchen, above the cabinets. I was searching for something to go above the rock and mantel; walked past this in the garage and decided to try it. I love the look.

I will continue to share more with you as we settle in.
I have to tell you about Hunter's annual vet check on Friday,  with a warning for all you dog owners. This was the second time he's gone in for his shots; he didn't have an issue last year, but I learned something this year. Maybe it is his size, all of 13 lbs. or maybe he is just super sensitive. So we had his check up and he is so healthy; the tech takes him into the back room to give him a Rabies shot, as well as Distemper and also Bordetella. They told me he'd be sore and he could have a reaction; I just didn't think he'd have a bad reaction.  By the evening he was really sore and stiff and right about bedtime, he started shivering uncontrollably.  In fact, when we got into bed I put him next to me so he could warm up. He was so uncomfortable, restless and couldn't settle down.  At some points he would calm down only to sit up after a bit, panting heavily with his heart beating so hard I could feel it.  I was so worried and both hubby and I were awake almost all night with him.  In the morning, I called the vet right away and they said he just had a reaction and next time I should get pain meds for him.  Seriously, if he needs heavy pain meds, it makes me think there is a problem with the shots.  I researched shots all Sat. and even put out a request from the Bichon club I belong too.  What I found out is that shots should never be given together.  I know shots are very controversial and I've stopped some of them because they weren't necessary.  I guess many vets give them all at one time, for ease and convenience.  Well in the future, Hunter will be getting one shot at  a time; if the vet doesn't respect our decisions, we'll find another vet who will.  I used to think that Distemper was only for cats; guess I need to do some more research.  I was told that the vet can do a blood test to check levels and if a vaccine is really needed; somehow I think our vet would charge a lot for this test.  So, if you vaccinate your dog(most states require Rabies; here there have been several cases, so I think it is understandable), make sure you research the interactions of shot and the possible side effects for your dog. I have heard of dogs dying for reactions to the shots. 
I'll get off my soap box now; just scared the pants off of us.  Thankfully, he is back to normal and Lily has gone home to her pack. 
Have a delightful Monday!
Hugs,  Noreen & Hunter


  1. Your new home is really coming along so very nicely. Beautiful.

    Mom is glad we don't have snow, but we have been so hot here - too early for summer temps:(

    We don't have trouble getting our shots all at one time, but we know some dogs do better if you spread them out. We are glad to hear that Hunter is OK.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. Your new house is really beautiful. I can tell how much thought you've put into each room.

    As for shots, I am so glad that Hunter is ok. A Colorado friend of mine had her dog die after a rabies vaccine so I've learned that these reactions need to be taken super seriously (and, from my reading, a dog who gets a "small" reaction like Hunter is more prone to future reactions). You can get "titers" (which measure the dog's immunity and need for new shots). They are expensive but I'm starting to think it's worth it. I don't know whether a titer is sufficient for the "rabies police". I'll have to research that for my pups.

    My vet stops all shots after a dog is around 8 or 9. But young dogs get them every 3 yrs.

    Anyway, I am so glad that Hunter is fine now!

  3. Your home looks lovely. Sorry about the issues with the shots. I agree and would get one at a time.

  4. Your new home is so beautiful! Love your fireplace!!!
    I'm glad that Hunter is OK. Until Maggie, I'd never had a dog have a reaction to vaccinations. Maggie did have an allergic reaction when she had a round of boosters given at once. I called the vet immediately and following her "orders", Maggie ended up OK. It was such a scare. We now split them up by two week's time and medicate before the shots.

  5. Beautiful new home! I am glad Hunter is okay after the shots. Scary.:(


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