Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Beauty of Autumn

Good morning to you~ I'd love to say this photo was taken here, but it is courtesy of Pinterest.  We are seeing some color around, but just here or there, with no reason for the variation.  I will say the trees in our yard show signs from the hail damage back in August; I am thinking those that are vibrant weren't impacted as much.  When my brother and sil were in Vail last week, they said the colors were peaking and so incredible. I've grown to love the golden oranges of Aspens but do miss the red and purples of other areas.  I am hoping in two years that we will be able to spend several weeks in Maine, one of our favorite states.  Yesterday we spent time with our daughter and her kiddos; went to some friends for a simple yet yummy chili dinner, before they leave for the desert.  They served Cinnamon Rolls with their chili-something we have never seen before, but she told us it was a local thing.  I couldn't have one, but hubby said it was a good contrast in tastes.  Hunter had a fun time playing with Bentley. When we came home, we watched the Voice and all I can say is that each season the voices keep getting better and better.   Today, I am walking(I think)and also meeting a friend for lunch; later our girl and her kiddos will come over for dinner.  Her man gets home tomorrow from Denmark; I know they are all very excited.  It is cold this morning, 37 degrees, and rain/snow is in the forecast for later today.  Winter has definitely arrived here and I'm not quite ready for it. 
I hope you have a great day, embrace all that life gives you.
Blessings, Noreen & Hunter


  1. Oh we loves cinnamon rolls alot!!!! But our mom can't cook very well so we have to buy them from the amish. Yur picture was beautiful1
    stella rose

  2. the picture was beautiful...we just don't get many fall colors, how I would love that..the only thing that is kind of fallish around here is it is cooling off at nights wonderfully Down to the 50's. But we are suppose to hit near ninety today. Snow sounds wonderful to me! Enjoy!

  3. OH- You have snow coming already? Brrrr... It is cold here, too, but we have heavy rain and no snow yet. That is a great picture you found, too.

    Would love to spend a few weeks in Maine. I love it there- xo Diana

  4. I cant believe winter has started for you already . Our fall is pretty with all the colours but the day time temps have been sunny and warm in the mid to high 60s which for us here in Ontario Canada is strange but I am not complaining I like it. Sounds like you had a nice time ! Oh we love cinnamon rolls . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  5. Noreen
    We are not much warmer here and having rain.
    Your Fall photo is gorgeous! Our colours are pretty much over.
    Oh, I can eat a cinnamon roll with anything.

  6. Maine would be a lovely spot to visit in Autumn. Can't believe how cold your weather is so soon!
    Hope you enjoyed your afternoon.

  7. Such a blessed life!!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful outlook on life with us!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  8. Cinnamon rolls with chili? Never heard of that! Our colors are just now getting vibrant. We thought they were all muted this year but I guess we didn't wait long enough.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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