Monday, October 7, 2013

Crisp Fall Weather

It is a brisk 43 degrees here this morning and believe it or not, this is warm compared to what it has been in the mornings. Last night we didn't have a frost/freeze warning and I was able to leave our bedroom window open without freezing hubby. I can tell it is getting colder at night because Hunter has quietly made his way up to snuggle between us. Of course, he did get his "fall cut" on Friday and I'm sure he is noticing the difference. Doesn't he look so cute here?

I will tell you that on Friday night, while he was out in the yard he must have found some pretty good smells or he wanted to get rid of the smell from the groomers shampoo. He came in, covered with sticks, twigs etc. from head to tail. I couldn't believe it; he got a firm talking to and I preceded to start brushing him out. You see, I wanted him looking and smelling nice for my brother and sil, who arrive today. I didn't think I'd ever get all the twigs out, but I did. I was ready to either vacume him or turn the blow dryer on him. We do get bunnys in the yard, so it is possible he was rolling in her scent. Anyway, he is back to normal now. I belong to a Bichon Lovers Club online and found out that another of his silly behaviors isn't just restricted to him, but many Bichon's do it. Are you ready? Whenever Hunter wants a treat/bisquit, if I'm not paying attention to him, he will sneeze. This started when he was a pup and I thought I had rewarded him and caused the behavior. Well, I posted it on the wall of the club and low and behold, many Bichons sneeze when they want something. I always thought it was like Hunter saying Please. Just makes us laugh at his antics. He make life fun! Speaking of fun; I may not be here tomorrow or Wednesday-depends on what we decide to do with my Rich & Sue. We will be having family dinners here so they can see our girls and grands. We were gifted my mil's china recently. I had never favored the pattern before and didn't think I'd like it; however when I opened the box it was so much prettier than I remembered. It is a fall pattern in browns and rust; in fact, today I'm going to unwrap it and use it on our fall table. I would like to attribute this change of heart to all you wonderful "table scapers" out there who have inspired me with your different seasonal place settings. Now I have three complete sets of china and my mom's partial set-yellowed with age. I actually use our wedding china for every day dishes-it was inexpensive and I didn't want to save it but rather enjoy it now. Guess one of these days I'll have to start using them all.
I'm off to walk with Kam and Lexie today; Kam was gone for a week so it will be fun to get back into our routine. I desperately need to ride this week as well.
I hope you had a good weekend and are enjoying the changes all around.  For those impacted this weekend by the tornados, our thoughts and prayers  go out to you!
Noreen & Hunter


  1. Morning Noreen,
    Sounds like you have a busy day. I would love to see your table once it is set. This post reminds me that I need new china mine is old and some plates are chipped. I hope you have a great day. You are a blessing to him.

  2. Hunter looks sweet as can be with his new cut! How funny about the sneezing!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful visit and how nice to have the new autumn hued china to set the table with.

  3. Hunter is so adorable! I love that little face! And if he's anything like my dogs (and cat, too) used to be, he rolls around in the muck just to get all the attention and the extra time getting brushed out! I remember once, immediately after brushing our cat out, she went outside, rolled in the flower bed next to the door, came back in and flopped down as though she was ready for a brushing again! She knew what she was doing! lol

  4. Wow, you've got some busy days ahead. I love Hunter's new cut, he looks so cute. Interesting that he sneezes when he wants something. I don't think I will be telling my Girlz that one!!
    We are suppose to get heavy rain later today, so that means the water will be murky, so no paddling :(
    Enjoy your time with friends and family.

  5. Our Miggs does the same thing with a smell , she can be in a full run stop dead in her tracks and drop to the ground and roll lol and yes we have bunnies here to and she eats the bunny poop YUK !! Pets .. cant imagine my life with out them ! Hope you guys have good visit . Oh your plate set sounds wonderful . Photos of your setting maybe * wink , wink * lol . The temps here have finally reached what they should be for this time of year, chilly yet fresh with sun , winds and big beautiful clouds floating over head . Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  6. I think Hunter is so cute with his new hair dooo but doggys like to have a few leaves and stuff stuck into their fur!
    Our fall colors have not come yet.

  7. Hunter looks fluffed for sure! We would have liked to see him full of twigs too. You could use it as his costume for Halloween and said he was going as a wood pile - lol! It is 71 today but was very cold this morning. Mom did NOT dress for the cold when she went for her long run this morning and said she nearly froze! They had to stop at a grocery store to warm up!

    Have a wonderful day!
    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. He does look adorable! Enjoy your visit with family!

  9. What a busy day! I think it is wonderful that you are looking at your mil's dishes through new eyes.

    Hunter is as adorable as always- xo Diana

  10. Hunter looks very handsome in his new cut! Oh the stories I could tell about LadyBug's antics! We are in the same group on FB and I did see your post! Since I belong to so many Bichon groups, it is very hard to keep up with them all! Enjoy your family time Noreen! Hugs to both you and Hunter!

  11. Rolling in those sweet smells is fantastic!
    Benny & Lily


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