Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Thursday to you!  We've had a full morning today~met a retirement & financial adviser and learned when I should take my social security.  It was informative and actually may have opened the door to a investment relationship in the future.  I am thankful that I may have a little bit of money coming in this summer.  I am also thankful that hubby and I started our tradition of going to afternoon matinees; yesterday we saw a new Tom Hanks movie titled Captain Philip and I think it will be up for an Academy Award.  The acting was superb and it was an intense movie but one I would recommend.
It also looks like the home search may have gotten smaller and hopefully hubby and I will be of one mind in the direction we go. 
Hope you have a warm and wonderful day!


  1. hubby and I love an afternoon matinee, we have done that for years. We too saw the new Tom Hanks movie. It was soo good, he is such a good actor.

    Hope everything is coming together on that house ~ still praying!

  2. I heard that Captain Philips was a good movie, may have to check it out.

  3. Financial planning can be a little stressful. But hopefully you have good advice coming your way.


  4. Our Dad is a huge movie buff. He likes to go every Saturday afternoon with Mom. They have missed a few weeks now because of all the renovation, but Captain Philip is on his list.

    Happy Halloween from Camp Spooky Kennel.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. I went through that same thing about a year ago, Noreen. Good luck figuring out exactly what you are going to do. That sounds like a great movie-xo Diana

  6. We are certainly in similar boats with all the things to learn about retirement.....Glad you got the information you were looking for...

    We like to go to afternoon movies as well and we really liked Captain Phillips...I must admit I didn't think it was going to be as entertaining as it turned out to be.....

    I am sorry I haven't been around in a while...I've been running head long into photography these days....

    I hope you have a great weekend....

  7. Finding someone you can trust for financial advice is such a huge blessing. Praying as you continue your journey to a new home.


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