Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

Happy Outdoor Wednesday friends~I will say that at 25 degrees it is cold outside, but here is a newsflash-our furnace isn't working(we think it is the thermostat)and baby it is also cold inside.  In fact, this morning the idea of getting out of bed wasn't too appealing.  During the night, I couldn't find our Hunter-he is normally either next to us or at the bottom of the bed. I got up to check and eventually found him hunkered down in his crate, at the very back, snuggled into a nice fleece blanket.  That told me it was cold!  I'm waiting to walk for another hour, in hopes that it will warm up a tad. 
We had a nice dinner with our daughter and grands last evening; they brought Despicable Me over so Papa and I could watch it.  It was a cute movie, although to be honest I was sewing so probably didn't see the entire thing, but listened to it more.  The character Cru sounded just like Borris from Bulwinkle, the cartoon from our childhood.
Today should be busy as always-getting the thermostat on before hubby leaves on a golf trip; it never fails that when he is away, something happens here at Chez Nana's.  Several years we had heavy rains which had me pumping out our window wells all night, one year I tried to clean our jetted bath tub and it leaked through the ceiling of our laundry room; of course the big one was when we were only here five months and the tornado ripped through our town. I have repeatedly told him if things like this continue to occur when he's away, he'll just have to stop leaving.  Huh-like that would really happen, he is a golfer after all.
I hope you are staying warm this week! 
Noreen & Hunter


  1. So sorry about your thermostat. Brrr...25 is cold! Hope you and Hunter have a better afternoon.

  2. Hello, new follower. I notice that you are in Colorado. I was born and raised in the Denver area and still have family there. I live in Arizona, with my family now. Sounds like you are plenty cold there. We are finally staring nice weather here - not too hot or cold - just right! We also love Despicable Me - what a fun movie with a good message. Looking forward to more of your posts. Have a great day!

  3. Its pretty chilly here today also, mom is getting our jackets out for us to wear on our walks.
    stella rose, mags and baby gussie

  4. Brrrr that is cold,cold cold!!! I hope you figure out whats wrong with it soon before WINTER...
    Have a blessed fall cold day...

  5. So sorry about the furnace. It's not down to 25 here yet but already in the high 30s. We haven't turned on the heat yet since the sun warms up the house nicely but it won't be long.

  6. Noreen- I can't believe how cold it is there- your poor girl. We are only in the 50's right now. Strange weather. That is a great old movie! xo Diana

  7. And I thought it was cold here when I saw that it was 48 as I was driving up to DD's this morning. And no heat? Brrrrrr. Hope you got it fixed and have heat again.

    My grands love the minions from Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. I've seen the first one - a long time ago, but I haven't seen the second one yet.

    Stay warm, my friend!

  8. Yikes! That is cold. We are heading down to 34 tonight...that is cold enough! How cute Hunter snuggled in with his blanket!

  9. YES! I would say "25" degrees is c-o-l-d! I hope you have that furnace up and running by now. I can relate to things happening when Dh is away, have experienced this many times.~smile~.
    You inspire me with your walking and bike riding, I have been so busy this summer that exercise was not scheduled, now that things have slowed somewhat, I have no excuse.
    Enjoy your day,


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