Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Table Setting

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Happy Tuesday to you. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere I go. I can just hear Bing singing this; my dad adored him and all season long, as a child, this album was playing on the phonograph. O.k. that last sentence dates me. I finally figured out what I was doing wrong yesterday, thankfully, so here is one of the shots of our dinner table from Friday night. I meant to get it when the candles were lit and add a bit more glittery stuff but it ended up being very nice.
 Yesterday I had a great time with my friend; we ran errands and I ended up buying a bundle of things at Bath & Body Works. Then I introduced her to Mad Greens, a fast food salad restaurant here that is healthy and fresh, one of my favorites. Whenever she visits I try to introduce her to a healthy alternative for lunch; last year I took her to Noodles & Co. which she loved. We did a couple more things-oh I might as well share that we went to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for a piece of candy to finish off lunch. Although the drive to and from her place is between 30-45 min., I think having a friend come visit helps her days to pass quickly. I got home and hubby and I ran to the golf course restaurant to meet his coworkers and visit. It was so cold I really enjoyed a cup of coffee. The rest of the evening was good; we watched the Voice and it is fun to see it getting down to the last four singers. Hubby and I both think that the one remaining girl is going to win-she is the total package.  I must say all the singers are really good and even the one fellow we didn't like has finally changed his look; thus appealing to a wider audience. 
Today I will be walking Hunter shortly and then Kam is taking me out-my Christmas present, for a manicure and tea at a very special tea house.  What Christmas fun!  Tonight hubby and I are going to the library for a presentation on E-Readers.  Last year I had thought of getting one for our travels but put it off and  now I am going to check into the Kindle Fire; which allows you to get Internet and emails etc.  When we travel we always take a laptop and if we could take something smaller it would be easier.  I also have thought about a notebook but the Kindle seems more reasonably priced.  I haven't seen my grands in forever, due to their being down with the flu(yes, I am one of those Nana's who stays away from kids with the flu)and I'm missing them like crazy.  Maybe tomorrow or Thursday I'll get to visit with them.
I hope you have a great day today!
Hugs, Noreen & Hunter



  2. That is a beautiful table. MOM does not like noodle and Co. I think she is crazy, but she says something about way to many carbs.. I think she should try it again, it was like forever that she went there when she was in Denver. We have them her now too. Crazy woman, I mean who would not want to eat a noodle. We got your card yesterday!! I love it.

  3. I have had A Kindle since just about the time they came out. I have absolutely loved it. I just got a Kindle Fire HD and expect to love it just as much.
    I hope your grandkids are feeling better very soon.

  4. Woof! Woof! Lovely table setting. Before we left mom found out that our local library rents an ereader. Mom got an iPad and have the kindle app. Great reviews on the Kindle Fire. Have a wonderful FUN Tuesday. Woof to Hunter. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. Beautiful table setting. IT puts us in the Christmas Spirit. Enjoy your day with your freind and give Hunter a hug for me.


  6. Beautiful table. I have an iPad and I've always wondered what the Kindle fire was. I was able to download a free Kindle app on my iPad. I LOVE technology. The country seems FULL of flu. Hope they are done with it by Christmas. Joy to you today Noreen!

  7. I have a Kindle Touch last year and wish that I had spent the extra $ and gotten the Fire. But we have laptops and now an iPhone for traveling, so it's ok ... and since we drive everywhere, taking our laptops isn't too terribly inconvenient.

    Your holiday table setting looked gorgeous - glad you figured out how to make Picasso work. ;-)

  8. Your table looks beautiful. I don't have a kindle but my daughter does and she loves it. Blessings-xo Diana

  9. Sounds like a wonderful day and that Chocolate place sounds yummy!.. Your table looks beautiful :)

  10. Oh Noreen the table is soo pretty! Sounds like you are enjoying this holiday season, and that makes me happy! : ) Trust me I stay WAY clear of ANY one with the flu. Especially since my last bout of stomach flu. Took me a full week! I will be curious to see which one you get as I have been thinking all the same things! Hope you enjoyed your day!

  11. The table and tree in background look beautiful - very festive! Mom and Dad have Nook Color, lap tops, net books, smart phones, and tablets. Since they bought the tablets they have never used the Nook Colors again (and it has Internet capability). They also have not touched the net books nor the lap tops, even when traveling. The tablet really does it all and you can read books from Amazon and Barnes & Nobel. It is MUCH faster than Nook Color too. Also, have been meaning to mention this concerning your photo problem . . . Do you follow Frankie & Ernie? They had a photo problem and posted the solution to deleting old photos. It was a post within the past 2 weeks we think. Let me know if you need a link.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  12. I have to tell you something funny, we were talking about phonographs at our care group the other night and there was a young man who had no idea what a phonograph was....really??? Your table is beautiful, continue to enjoy this time of year

  13. Your table looks so neat! Loving your blog

  14. This Christmas stuff is making me excited!! Can't wait to get the tree in my home puts up :D
    Glad Hunter's doing okays in the coldness :)

  15. Gorgeous table! Looks like you are definitely getting in the Christmas spirit!

  16. Sounds like you are enjoying all of your wonderful Christmas celebrations!! Your table setting looks gorgeous!! I think you will love your Kindle Fire! I have an iPad and a Kindle keyboard. I bought the Fire for my daughter last year for Christmas and she just LOVES it!! It is just perfect for her to take to the gym. I was very impressed with the operating system on the Fire...it is very fast...and I am a huge fan of Amazon!!

  17. Your table is lovely, so colorful. We love Colorado, specifically Estes Park. This fall we were in the Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory where the bear invaded this summer and ate lots of goodies!


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