Friday, December 28, 2012

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Happy Friday Friends!  It is hard to believe that our year is really winding down; however winter has definitely hit us, here in northern Colorado.  It snowed most of yesterday and although light, we still have lots of snow on the ground.  We woke up to frost laden trees today and a temperature of about 5 degrees-can you say Burr!  Meanwhile, yesterday our new IPad Mini arrived and we are having fun trying to get the hang of it.  It is much like our IPhones and that makes it a bit similar but still we are on a learning curve. I went to sync our ITunes to it today but of course they've upgraded the ITunes store so now I have to view a tutorial and learn my way around the new site.  Oh getting old is challenging at times.
I hope you all have a warm day and have a wonderful weekend; I still haven't gotten to any organizing I want to do, but maybe this weekend.  Hubby and I watched an interesting documentary last night, that we got at Red Box, called Wild Horses, Wild Ride; if you are a horse lover or have young people in your family this is a good flick.  It is all about training wild mustangs and an event that happens yearly in El Paso, Texas.
Until later, warm winter hugs to you!


  1. Hi Noreen, It's cold and snowy here as well. We were going to take a driving trip, got 10 miles from home and saw 8 cars in the ditch so turned around and went back home. Grateful that we are ok and our vehicle is ok. Winter can be a challenge! Enjoy your Ipad.

  2. Now to load that baby up with fun apps! :)

  3. Hope you had a good day, Noreen. I haven't used my ITunes in a while either- Uh-oh! I hate when they change things around- xo Diana

  4. You will have fun with that IPad, at least you are willing to learn how to navigate it, doesn't really matter how long it takes you (thats what I keep telling myself)

  5. We got snow too. Lots of Snow and I love it. I don't know much about the little machine you bought, but I hope you are having fun with it.


  6. Hi Noreen! As I enjoy my morning coffee here by the window, I watch the snow falling softly outside and I am thinking... why don't I just move south? LOL Ever since Christmas eve we seem to be getting some snow every day here. I'm sure you all are getting a lot there and are used to it, right? It's okay though... I guess it will make me appreciate spring more when it gets here in 3 months. (Time to do the spring countdown I suppose).
    Gracie becomes a little depressed this time of year. Her walks are the highlight of her day and they are not happening at this point. Does Hunter seem a little down when it's dreary out? Give him hugs for Gracie and me. (((HUGS)) to you too!!

  7. Good morning Noreen. And BRRRRR!!! Have fun with your new toy. I am finding out new things about my ipad every day! Such a great thing to have!!!!
    Happy New Year!
    xo Kris

  8. Have fun with that iPad mini. I love my iPad. I love taking into the kitchen for all of those wonderful recipes online and checking email, while watching tv.
    Here's to a bright and happy New year.

  9. Hi Noreen! I hope you're having fun this weekend on your iPad or whatever you may be doing! :-)

  10. 2o12 sure did pass fast! Snowies
    are cool

  11. Not much snow here - about a half inch (not a whole lot of it left) with an inch due to come today/tomorrow. I'd like more, but I'll be happy with whatever we get - better than nothing. ;-)

    Have fun with that iPad!

  12. Hi Noreen, you will LOVE the iPad!! My husband upgraded me from the original to the iPad 4 and I am just thrilled!! So, so much one can do on one tiny little machine. As you is very similar to the iphone. Happy Surfing! xo Jeanne


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