Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Wednesday friends~Last night the weatherman told us to expect huge amounts of snow by this morning and a possible blizzard by this afternoon; wow we thought, since we have only had one snowfall this season.  We woke up this morning with a light dusting and the white fluff is still falling lightly, but hardly the huge amounts that were predicted. Not saying the high country isn't getting slammed though.  It is a welcome sight to most of us; a day to stay inside and accomplish projects.  I have one doll nightie to finish and then I will be done; I promise to take a photo of all the clothes I've made for the granddaughters.  Meanwhile our two bedrooms upstairs, one is a guest room and the other my sewing room, are total disasters; you know when things are all over with no organization at all, anyway they are calling my name to come straighten and organize.  We do have one more stocking stuffer to buy for a grand-so this is so cute, we are getting her a My Little Pony.  My girls played with those when they were little and here they are back in the stores again.
I also need to get my hubby a couple of stocking stuffers as well.  This afternoon we are going to a party with the folks that my hubby plays Badminton with; I'm taking fudge to share.  I've got to figure out some dishes for our dinner on Christmas at our daughter's house but other than that, I plan on staying inside.  Oh I almost forgot, Hunter really needs a bath; his groomer is booked til the end of January and he is looking a bit scruffy.
How about you?  Are you running around in circles or are you done with the preparations for Christmas?
I hope you have a day filled with contentment.
Blessings, Noreen & Hunter


  1. Me, well I am kicked back at Bert's place. It's only 9 degrees outside. I think we will spend the day running around and napping inside. Miss Vickie keeps it real nice and warm in her house, unlike my MOM! But MOM says when it is 9 degrees outside having the house at 60 feels like a heat wave. I disagree however. Hope the water is nice and warm for you Hunter buddy.

  2. Finishing my last minute stuff today on thw way home from work....storm is suppose to hit us Friday morning....stay warm..!!

  3. Good morning! Well, we have had a little rain here too, but this morning it is beautiful! How I would love to look out and see snow. I am almost ready. One gift that I ordered for my youngest grand daughter did not arrive yesterday as it was suppose to, so I have to hunt that down and finish up a little wrapping but that's it. Your day sounds perfect to me. Enjoy it!

  4. We're expecting snow, too. Lots and lots. So say the weather peeps. We'll see. They don't have a stellar track record.

  5. Hello Noreen... and thank you so much for your visit and comment.... I was actually talking about our sweet Tessy when I said our "stray"... she came to us two years ago come February... her photo is on my sidebar... she sends much love to Hunter and doggie kisses... Christmas blessings to you and your family, xoxo Julie Marie and Tessy

  6. speaking of a good grooming, i sure need a dye and haircut before christmas lol. glad you didn't get snowed in! we got tons of rain, downpour last night, woke me up here in arizona. up north state they had tons of snow.

  7. Woof! Woof! Mom says it does not feel Christmas and I miss the snow. Friends n family are coming soon so it might be festive ... Wishing you and your family Happy Holidays. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  8. We are just having fun in the COLD weather. It was 15 degrees this morning and we were running around the yard like crazy. Mom thought we would get cold but we were having too much fun! The weather man said we would get 10-20 inches of snow and we got 2" but it mostly melted. Now they are saying Christmas Eve there is going to be a snow storm so maybe if they are right you might have snow for Christmas. Tell Hunter it's OK if he is dirty and stinky. We like it that way. Mom . . . not so much!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Sadly for us, our part of Kansas is probably only going to get a little bit of snow. But we are going to hope the weatherman is wrong.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. We've gotten more than a foot of snow up here so the storm didn't totally fizzle.

    I had to give up on being ready for Christmas. First the flu and now pneumonia. So what if everything isn't done? That's the way life is :)

  11. Hi Noreen- We are getting ready for a big blizzard here. They are predicting 16" and blizzard conditions. UGH...
    Hope you had a really good day- xo Diana

  12. I still have quite a bit of wrapping to do, but at least I have finished my shopping! My daughter has invited Ben and I there for Christmas this that will be a first for us all!! It does not look like we will have a white Christmas though...we were hoping for a dusting of snow! The girlz will be groomed on Saturday...we are finishing up some things around here and Christmas will be a very relaxing day for us! No little ones around here...except for the girlz of course! Blessings to you Noreen!

  13. Big snow storm to the north of us, but all we've gotten is rain. :-(

    Today is the day that we'll be having Christmas with DD and her family. I can't wait! Tomorrow my sisters and my dad will arriving; DD and her family will join us tomorrow evening for our Christmas with all of them. My sisters will be in town through Sunday evening, so the next 4 days will be busy ones here at Chez Nana. ;-)

    Have you made any panties for any of your grands' dollies? DD has asked me to make some panties for T#4's dollie. I'm curious if you have a good pattern or any advice. ;-)


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