Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Good afternoon friends~I wonder if you are still scurrying around, returning gifts or hitting the sales?  Hubby and I had a lovely Christmas, with our girls and their families.  It is hard to believe we've gotten so used to 16 of us, it doesn't faze me a bit.  Of course, having said that it would seem that the last two big holiday dinners we've had, I forgot something.  I'm not sure what has happened but now will print out the email and put it on the refrigerator so I can check everything off.  Both times, it was food that I couldn't eat-maybe it just didn't stick in my memory.  Our family spoiled us as always-they always overdue but we certainly appreciate each and every gift.
As many of you know, hubby and I were looking at Nook's and Kindle Fire's to purchase after the holidays.
Well, after price comparison and really mulling the decision over, we ended up getting a IPad Mini. What we liked about this is that now we are familiar with our IPhones and the technology won't be too different, plus I can get apps for both Nook & Kindle.  We are looking forward to taking it on trips verses one of the laptops, it should be much lighter and easier to carry.  It should be arriving on Saturday or maybe Monday-we just can't wait to play with it.
It is sunny out today but so very cold.  We took one short drive but I'm in the house for the afternoon, ready to sit in the sun and read.  I hope your afternoon is peaceful and filled with contentment.
Hugs, Noreen


  1. No sun here. Be prepared for a ton of snow your way. MOM has shoveled FOUR times already and trust me we have a big drive way and lots of sidewalks in front of the house. I'd help, but can't seem to get a grip on the shovel. But I do point out the spots she missed. Have a beautiful day.

  2. Yea! I strongly prefer my iPad over my Kindle Fire. Seriously. You can do so much more with it!
    Hope you enjoy!

  3. I'd love to have an iPad ... but seriously, I don't need one, since I already have an iPhone, a laptop, and a Kindle e-reader.

    No sun here, so I sat at the sewing table and got 14 of the 16 disappearing four patch blocks pieced and squared up. ;-)

  4. Good for you- I am glad you found out exactly what you wanted with the new device.
    I am beat today, too. The boys are headed for a movie and I am laying low for the night- xo Diana

  5. Sounds good I am wanting a Nook or tablet or something like that too, will look around one day next week

  6. It snowed all day here! Glad you had a nice Christmas. Now on to New Years!

    Stay Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. sounds like so much fun!! Glad it worked out for you!!


  8. Don't know too much about this modern technology. I have a cell phone that ONLY makes calls and receives calls....nothing else!

  9. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas! And happy you made your choice! Soo exciting! I know you will enjoy it!

  10. I love my ipad! I have a friend who just got the mini, and she loves it!!! Have fun!!!
    XO Kris

  11. I'm so glad you enjoyed a lovely Christmas with your family! We did too. Enjoy the rest of your week. :)

  12. Good choice! I am currently saving up for an iPad Mini after selling my Kindle Fire on eBay!

  13. Glad ya'll had a good Christmas :)

  14. Sounds like you had a great Christmas with your family. Marvin got me a Goggle Nexus. I have not had time to really use it yet since we got a new little dog. He is keeping me quite busy.

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Blessings & Hugs


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