Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Monday to you~I hope you had a warm and relaxing weekend!  Here in northern Colorado, it is a bright and cold 31 degrees outside with lots of frost.  I imagine any bushes that change with the frost, will turn vibrant, after the weekend we had.  Does anyone remember the t.v. show Northern Exposure? If it is the show I'm remembering, there was a radio station that would broadcast the forecast and the happenings in the town; that is what I'm feeling like today.  I do know we don't get nearly as low in temps that some of our northern neighbors do, but it is still cold.  Yesterday warmed up in the afternoon and hubby and I took Hunter out, we actually felt warm.  I wish that autumn would hang out a bit before winter rushes in. 
I have a pretty relaxed day today with walking sewing, study and I'm headed to my girl's at lunch time to lend a hand with the girls and hold Logan if necessary(necessary for me).  I hope you have a good day and find joy amidst your routines.
Joy to you!  Noreen


  1. Chilly here too. I am bundled up on the couch under a blanket. Lots of frost outside. But we will get up to 68 today, so that will be pleasant.

  2. Brrrrrr! Have fun with Logan and the girls.
    : ) XO Kris

  3. Good morning! Your weather sounds good to me...though we are finally cooling way down. Your day sounds perfect to me...ENJOY that new baby...I'd love to hold him too. : )

  4. Happy Monday to you and Hunter! Yes, mom loved watching Northern Exposure and used to have a doctor that was a lot like Dr. Joel on the show. It is not as cold here but still cool enough that our peeps are taking their time heading out for a long run this morning. Then later on we have school. Yesterday for the very first time mom pointed at me and said "Bang" and I fell over like I was shot. After that I would not do it again without a lure but that one time I was like a rock star! Maybe I will do it again for her today. It seems to make her happy.

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Hi Noreen:

    I did hear that your weather up there got really cold, maybe even snow in certain high places. I agree... I wish fall lasted longer everywehere, it's always so crisp and gives me new energy and zip in my step!

    Have a good week my friend!


  6. It was 33 overnight here ... too cold to suit me. And with a dog to care for, I had to get out in it ... she didn't like it either because I had to force her out into the yard to do her business this morning.

    And yes, holding Logan is very necessary for you! ;-)

  7. We got a cold blast here...sounds like you did what I would!

  8. Hi Noreen,
    Hard for this Florida girl with temps still in the high 80 and 90's to imagine 31 degrees right now, but I
    believe you! That sure happened does that mean it will be cold from now on.........
    We are waiting for our first cold snap so we want have to mow as much,
    but we have just had rain, every day.
    Sort of different this year usually the rain has stopped, unless there is a hurricane or something, but we are glad for Scott and Megan as they just had new grass put in a few weeks ago, so that makes new grass really thrive, so he says it is looking good..........

    I bet lil Logan is growing like a weed, and bet you can't keep your hands off him, can you?? How is your daughter coming along, getting back to some semblance of normal??

    Well, you asked about the gazelle, so did a post on it just for you
    So make sure you check it out.

    Have a great eveing Noreen,
    blessings, Nellie

  9. I love it when I can hold a baby, it's so soothing. Have fun with those grands. Weather here is finally cooling...yeah, I am hoping for some fall color in another week or two.


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