Saturday, October 6, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside

As this morning dawned, it was cold and our thermometer was reading 34 degrees.  Can we say brrrr?
We had started our furnace last night because we had grands spending the night and the house was cold. After breakfast, I ran a quick errand and it really wasn't as cold out as it was yesterday; possibly because there wasn't a moistness to the air.  It was comfortable for me wearing a turtleneck and sweater; so I thought I'd be safe for dog training if I added a waterproof, windbreaker. By the time I climbed out of my car at the trainers, I knew I was in trouble.  Did I think to bring my snow jacket, that I pulled out yesterday, or gloves and a hat? No, didn't think I'd need them; big mistake.  I wasn't there very long before I noticed it had begun to snow.  The trainer asked if I was o.k. and I said sure-another mistake, I was at that moment but it would get colder.  It began to snow in earnest and the trainers daughter began to ask if her mom would cut the class short.  Her mom agreed but kept us going just a few more exercises.  My little Hunter was cold and didn't like the idea of sitting on the wet ground.  We did cut the class short, thankfully, because by then it was coming down.  I got him in the car and cranked up the heat; mid way home he stopped whining. I got my hair dryer out when we got home and dried off his paws and legs.  Lesson learned-be prepared for the snow and cold; next time I will have ample clothes in my car and a little parka for him.  The trainer said in the future we will train in her garage and I'm thankful for that.  Our last dog, Reggie, didn't go out on walks due to his arthritis so I didn't go walking too much when it was this cold; however training needs to continue regardless of the weather but I may just stick to the back yard.  The bushes and tree in the photo was so pretty this morning, before the snow started, that I had to get a pic to share with you.
I hope you have a very comfortable day today-neither too hot nor too cold. 
Enjoy your weekend.
Noreen & Hunter


  1. We have our heat on today too. But we all love the cold. Mom and dad froze at three soccer games this morning for our little grands. But they still had fun. Stay warm.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. Such a pretty picture. Too bad it turned cold so quickly. We are in the 80's this afternoon and this morning it was in the mid 50's.

  3. MOM and I woke up to the low 30's as well. The thermostat in the house said 61 degrees. I asked if we would be turning on the heater. But MOM said no because it is always set at 60 degrees in the winter and it would not kick on because it was 61. Good thing she got out my blankie and let me cuddle with her on the couch. We did not get snow however.

  4. What beautiful trees you have groning in your yard. Isn't fall the most beautiful time.....
    Sorry that training got so cold. We love to do our training outside too, at least until it starts snow/raining.
    Then sometimes we stop the training and just go walking cause that is cool.
    Your human does really good to blow off your feet when you get home. I bet it felt really good.

  5. Oh dear. We're so used to having "in case of" stuff since we drive 40 minutes into the city so much. We never know what might change. The colors of the burning bushes and tree are gorgeous. We turned our furnace on last night. BRRRR....seems earlier for us, but we usually have one last HOT spell in October before winter gets serious. Our dog LOVES the cooler weather. We think she has part chow in her so she can get warm. She was VERY perky when she came in from her morning walk today.

  6. Your colors are so pretty. I love your precious dog. Enjoyed your blog.


  7. We do almost all of our training in the house. What is Hunter learning that he needs to be outside? We got very cold reading this post - BOL!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. We're having perfect autumn weather but expecting a cold front soon. Oh, I remember those winter doggie training sessions in WI. But you are right; you have to do them rain, cold and snow or not.

  9. So sorry that you weren't prepared for the change in the weather. We had to turn on our furnace yesterday. Got down to 37 overnight and is going to get down to 34 tonight. . How is Hunter doing with his training?

  10. Aw man, send me some cold. It's pretty hot here but luckily, for the past couple days it's been raining:)

  11. I remember when I used to do events for the rescue and I wasn't ready for the weather either--The heat is such a welcoming feeling, isn't it?

    Stay warm and enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

  12. Brrr is right! Poor Hunter....
    It is cooler here. I am loving it! Worked so hard in the yard today that now I can barely move. Why do I do that? I forget that I am not 25 anymore!

  13. Hi Sweetie!
    Got your message last week, but we were so incredibly busy with getting the house ready for an appraisal with 3 days notice! We survived, but between that and the shop, it was craziness!

    I so love that you have sweet Hunter now. It's good that you'll be able to train him inside. Can't believe you're having such cold weather already. We have barely had a welcoming little peck on the cheek of fall here. Looking forward to a little coolness soon!

    Maddy is at my sister's so I will have plenty of time after Tuesday when Sam and fam leave. I'll call you then!

    Love and hugs!
    Missing you!

  14. Brrr that sounds really cold!!!! I can understand why hunter wasn't too thrilled. It's not that cold now here but Betty lives the chillier weather- she gets really frisky!

  15. Yes, it is cold here today the 30's with a frost warning. We aren't quite ready for that yet...but we better get used to it!! I don't have the girlz' jackets with me here, and Chloe decided to go in the Lake today...of all days!! She had to have a bath AND a blow dry when we came in. We will be heading home in a couple of weeks so I guess she's trying to get in her water adventures!! Hope Hunter is doing better!! Happy Monday!
    Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug


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