Monday, October 29, 2012

For The Love Of Golf

On Saturday, my hubby was invited to a birthday celebration at a local golf course. No presents, golfing was his choice; but because the fellow was born on the 31st, hubby was told to dress up in a costume. Now, hubby and I do not dress up in costumes, unless it is for my brother and sil. We came up with  him being a famous golfer-can you guess who it is? I'll tell you at the end.

Notice the snow on the ground behind him; he didn't think the course would be open but they cleared it of snow and he had a great but cold round.
I suggested a golfer from the 1800's that bears the same name as my man, but he wanted to be Payne Stewart.  I think he looked so cute and everyone was impressed with the outfit.  Way to go babe.
Hope you had a great weekend, stayed safe if you are on the East Coast and are ready for a new week.
Hugs, Noreen


  1. What a fun idea! And John looks great! I bet they got a real kick out of him!

    Give him birthday wishes from me, Nor!

    All is good here! Just always so much going on!

    Love ya lots!

  2. Awesome outfit.....of course he's Payne Stewart! :o)

  3. I loved the way Payne dressed on the course. You nailed it with your hubby's attire!! How fun!!! Brrrrrr!!!
    xo Kris

  4. Good morning! He looks great! I love it....HUGS

  5. He looks great. My MOM loves golf. I like golf balls.

  6. Happy Birthday to you, we don't know much about golfing, but you sure look like you had a great time :)xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  7. Perfect costume - Payne Stewart to a "T". ;-)

    Glad he was able to get in a round of golf in spite of the snow.

  8. Gotta love those duffers! I woulda said Old Duffers but didn't want to offend anyone. What fun!!!! xo Diana

  9. We think golfing weather will be perfect. We were about 73 here today and it is supposed to be even warmer on Wednesday! Sending it your way!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. What a hoot!! he's such a good sport :)

  11. YEAH! Payne Stewart! Great choice - and great job! Very creative costume choice, and so appropriate! Glad he enjoyed his round!

  12. I was guessing Payne Stewart! Great outfit! I have the book about Payne Stewart including his final journey, written by his wife. What an unusual and sad way to lose him.

  13. Your husband looks great sporting a golfing get-up! Judging from his form and the way he holds his club, I have to say your husband has had a lot of experiences playing golf. Have you considered visiting some reputable courses that not only offer a chance to play, but also a place to relax?

    Renee Powell @ Faulk Wood Shores Golf


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