Monday, November 7, 2011

FROM MY BOOKSHELF~   Prior to going on our vacation, I purchased two of Jennifer's books that I didn't have.  Whenever I fly, I love having a book in hand, just in case there is turbulence.  Although I just finished reading this, as always Jennifer told a tale that was filled with history; her characters rich and developed with quilting woven through.  Simply delightful, as I always expect from her. 
 We had a very nice weekend, very relaxed but I did get to Barnes & N*bles to purchase our youngest daughter's birthday presents; she is our Christmas birthday but this weekend B&N were offering a coupon of 50% off one book if you "liked" them on FB.  Who could resist?  Yesterday I went to church first thing, what a way to start the day!  Hubby and I did go out for lunch and then came home to watch the Broncos beat the Raiders; all the while I was sewing.  Go Bronco's!!!! 
I hope you also had a relaxing weekend and are staying healthy.  I have a bit of a stuffy nose this morning and am not sure if it is allergies or a mild cold.  I'll walk a bit later today and then meet a friend for lunch.
Have a great Monday my friends.


  1. Glad you had a delightful weekend. I'm going to check out those books, they sound like something I'd enjoy.

  2. I love her books Noreen! Are these you mention, two new ones? I must go get them!
    Yesterday my husband went to the Chargers game and sat in the rain!
    It was such a cozy day here!

  3. Go Broncos. The best win ever.... Sending a hug this morning. Love you and have a great week.

  4. I'll have to check out those books. I am always on the lookout for books for my 93 year old mother in law. She doesn't like mysteries, suspense, historical or non-Christian books. So I'm always looking for the sweet love story type books with happy endings. She reads so fast as she doesn't get out much. I have trouble keeping up with her. Hope your week is lovely!

  5. Sure sounds like a sweet weekend
    Noreen. I am not familiar with that author. Maybe I should look her up.

  6. These books sound good...need to check on them. It is a beautiful fall day here in Iowa...tomorrow we expect rain and then a bit of snow so we are enjoying the sunshine today!

  7. I saw that book last week and thought of you; so glad you had it to read on your flight.
    Even in your post, I see you giving thanks to the Lord for your weekend. Hope your sweet girl had a Happy Birthday!
    Love you!

  8. Thanks for the info on the books.
    I am in a reading mood....especially with the days getting shorter & wanting to stay warm by the woodstove.
    Stay warm and I hope your stuff nose won't get worse. We have the coughs going around at my house.
    Take care,
    Nancy aka Mommy 2

  9. I thought I had read most all of Jennifer Chiaverini's Quilt Series books ... I love them! Are these new ones? I'll have to order them from the library.

  10. I have enjoyed those books as well. I always wish I had someone to have taught me to quilt like in the very first book of the series. That just intrigued me and I had to keep stopping and looking up each block she made. I loved that history too.
    I hope you have a nice week too.

  11. Your week end sounds delightful Noreen, we had a layback weekend, church on Sunday and rest .
    Hope you are not getting a cold, I had one last week, hope it was my first and last for the season. ~grin~. i don't usually get one this early in the season.

  12. I have read a number of Jennifer's books and have enjoyed them.
    I enjoyed your comment. I have to say that our new town is exceptionally friendly, plus it has less than 2,000 people so it's easy to meet people.
    Blessings from Denise


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