Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Tuesday to you~this month many of our blog friends are doing a 30 day thankful challenge; I have chosen to daily make a habit of giving thanks for all things in my life so I haven't specifically joined this challenge.  However, today I want to share how thankful I am for my incredible sister-in-law Susan, also known as the sister of my heart.  I can still hardly believe the Lord so graciously blessed us with Susan.  We can't always pick our family members but I know that the Lord smiled the day He brought Sue into our life.
Susan is one of those gals who has a natural ability to treat you like you are royal guest in her home; she has always had the gift of entertaining for a small gathering or a large group.  She and my dear brother have the biggest hearts of anyone I know.  Sue is one patient gal, she had to be when she entered our Irish family; she has been such a loyal and devoted wife to my brother and she put up with a lot from me over the years. In 45+ yrs. I've only seen her lose her temper twice and believe me she had plenty of reasons to lose it with me when I was just a young and immature gal.  I found out today that Sue is having some vision problems plus she has found out she has another condition as well.  She has been the rock of our family in many situations and I can't imagine life without her; I am not planning on that happening for many many years. 
I told her that she was going to be prayed over; you see I personally know the Great Physican. 
I also wanted her to know just how cherished she is by our complete family.  When you've had relationships with others that aren't close, it makes you so grateful for those incredible members that you are close with.

Sue & Rich  Estes Park
Sue we all love you so very much and are so thankful for you!!!!!

My friends, are you taking the time to tell those in your life how much you care about them?  If not, make sure you do today.
Hugs, Noreen


  1. What a wonderful tribute to your sister in love....I will pray that the Great Physician will attend to her needs....

  2. Prayers going up for Susan! We know God as Healer for miracles He has worked in our life, and we are trusting Him to do the same for your beloved, sister-in-law!!


  3. It was fun to see more vacation pictures....
    and a good book to think about (o:
    Loved the way you lifted up your SIL...praying (o:

  4. We'll bathe your precious sister-in-law in prayer. I believe we use the same Physician ♥

  5. I don't know Sue, but I can certainly pray for her. {{hug}}

  6. Sue should be very please with how you have told the world that she means so much to you and your family.
    Everyone should have a "Sue" in their lives.

  7. What a lovely testimony. May we all be "Susan" to others!.........Denise

  8. Hi! Noreen, what a sweet post! and as we speak I am praying over Susan! Yes~ we do serve a God of Healing and I believe @ this moment that HE will heal her!! Thank You Jesus! for your healing power!! Have a great Wednesday:) Blessings for a special touch for Susan!

  9. Oh, He is definitely the best Physician there is and there are
    no side effects with His medicine.
    Prayed for your dear sister in love. May she find peace in His

  10. Such a great way to remind us of the need to be intentional about our affections. I need to tell my beloveds more often how much I treasure them.

  11. beautifully heart felt post, Noreen I will be praying for Susan. I am so thankful that I too know this Great Physician.

  12. What a sweet post about your sil. I have already prayed for her, and I will continue as the Lord draws her to my mind. I am soo happy you have had this sweet woman in your life. Hope you had a good day. HUGS

  13. You are very blessed to have this Lady in your family!
    Just lifted her up in prayer. Amen.


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