Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy November To You, you do know what this means don't you?  Just over three weeks until Thanksgiving and the day after is when all of our Christmas decorations go up.  I hope you had a great Monday and that you are looking forward to another day. 
Our Reggie had a bad night and I'm not sure if it is anything to be concerned about; this morning he isn't eating which means he won't take his pills because I coat them in peanut butter.  We are having cold frosty mornings, today it is 34 degrees and we are expecting another snow storm tonight.  I'm planning on making chicken soup for tonight and tomorrow night-yum, my mouth is watering already. 
The above photo is a barn we saw on San Juan and I love it!!! Hubby and I have a fascination with barns and covered bridges.  I may even enlarge this and frame it for my sewing room.
O.k. so I have a question for you, please realize that although I love country and prefer to live out in the wide open areas, I am not a farmer.  Yesterday hubby and I had to go buy 4 bales of straw for our meat cow to lay on during the snow storms.  We have been around horses quite alot when our girls were little, I know that you can have alfalfa hay or wheat hay, but what plant produces straw?  Seriously.  None of us could come up with the answer and I didn't take the time to google it.  Our cow is getting bigger and is finally used to people and the kids.  She especially likes Lilly the dog because she was raised around dogs.  I have a hard time thinking about using her for meat but that is just because I'm so visual.  I'm thinking an Alpaca would suit me-I could learn how to shear it, wash and card the wool, we could spin it and then my girls could use it for knitting.  Much more to my liking. 
Hope you have a delightful day.


  1. I think I didn't remember that you had a cow. I did weaving in college and loved watching the spinners in the studios. Praying for you and your sweet puppy

  2. Nice post thanks for sharing! God bless

  3. Sounds like its getting very festive :-)

  4. IT is so nice to stop by and read about your cow. I would like to have a milk cow. I think a Alpaca would be nice or even some Jacob sheep.

    You get straw from Oats, they harvest the oats first cutting off the tops then the straw is left so you cut it and bale it just like you do alfalfa. You can also do it with wheat.
    My Dad used to grow winter wheat and oats and some years he made more money on the straw. Isn't that funny.

  5. Sure hope Reggie is feeling better
    real soon. Sad when our fur babies
    are sick.
    I loved barns and covered bridges
    I have always thought that spinning yard sounded so relaxing
    and fun.
    Have a blessed week.

  6. Sorry your Doggie is feeling bad...
    Ready for SNOW???
    I think this cow thing just might not work out....maybe an alpaca would be good to have (o:

  7. Hi I am back. Yes, I am in California. I have a Border Collie.
    She is the best dog I have ever owned. I have always had dogs too but she is just the perfect one, well other than they are really active and need lots of interaction.
    She loves our grand babies and acts like she is the Mom. She guards our family like a watch dog and wants to mother everything just like Fly in Babe. She is only three so it bothers me that she is having this trouble with her ears and I really don't think the vet knows what is up with her.
    The Santa Ana is pretty bad today. We haven't had one like this in a while.
    I hope you dog feels better too.
    Yes, I bet we would have fun getting acquainted.

  8. Every single visit I make here, I leave inspired. The words to the song you shared, blessed my heart in a special way today. The snow picture made me happy that it is this time of the year. Thanks for blogging.


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