Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Winter White is all we see today. It is like a repeat of last Wednesday,complete with wet snow .  Hubby and I have been out shoveling already and I think we only got about 6" verses the 8" last week, however it is still snowing.  The weatherman said it should be gone by this afternoon and the sun will be out-I'm thinking that it took a week to melt the snow last week and unless we get really warm days in the 70's, it will be here awhile.  That's alright as I continue to work on my newest quilt; I've moved my sewing machine downstairs to our family room so I could listen to t.v. and hang out with hubby.  The photo above is in our development, (taken a few years ago) but not our view, lakefront or home in the background. 
Yesterday Reggie had a bit of a rough day, no eating or drinking but after talking to our vet I ran out and got baby food for him; yes, I am becoming one of those moms.  He picked at it and ate a little; needless to say I was very concerned about him. This morning I gave him the baby food again and boy did he eat it up.  He even ate his pills covered in peanut butter and seems perkier than yesterday.  As the vet said, it is hard to determine if it is his being very finicky or if he was really ill.  Due to the fact that he didn't keep anything down yesterday I would say it was a combo of both.  Hopefully he is back to normal today; hubby actually went out and cleared an area of grass for him today.  Last night so many thoughts crossed my mind~how much pain is he in and I am holding onto him because I don't want to be dogless.  I don't do well without one, but time will tell as to when I need to make that appointment for him; I just don't it to get to an emergency situation like we experienced with Sadie and have to drive in a blizzard to get to an emergency vet.  Each day is a day of grace with the old guy.
Sending snow angels your way today!


  1. Oh how pretty that is! Thinking good thoughts for your Reggie!

  2. I have had to give my dog pills too and today they finally finished up. The vet said she had a ear infection but she still isn't better. It is hard when you love your dogs so much isn't it. Your snow is so pretty. We are right in the middle of a Santa Ana wind today. Also a dust storm. It looks so yucky. I would take snow.
    Lots of tumble weeds.
    I would come in and sit in front of your fire and we could get acquainted.
    You know what I have learned is that that fear I have is what drives me to God, if I didn't have it I don't know if I would spend as much time in His word, so even though it is there I am thankful for it as it keeps me next to God. Sort I guess like the thorn in the flesh Paul had.
    I hope you have a lovely day. I have never been in a bad earthquake yet. They are unnerving.

  3. I am seeing the same snow today and I'm not sure how I feel about is very pretty, but, boy, is it cold out there.
    Much sympathy for all that is going on with Reggie. I know I would be feeling just like you in wondering what the right thing to do is. I'm glad today looks like a good one for him.

  4. Hello! WOW...2nd snow fall already! Soo pretty. Working on a new quilt sounds good. I am busy over here too. But our days are still in the 70's everyday, even warmer some of them. But the nights cool WAY down into the low 50's...Sorry poor Reggie is not doing well. Have a good day my friend! HUGS

  5. Sitka wants to come play in all that snow! Praying for Reggie! I sure hope he is doing better!

    Love, hugs, and prayers,

  6. Praying for that sweet Reggie!!

    Enjoy that white stuff. We don't see much of it down here!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  7. I can feel your pain with Reggie.
    We are enjoying the last days of our beloved dog.

    Your husband sounds so loving, clearing a patch for Reggie.

    This little creatures sure do have our hearts, don't they.

  8. Look at that, and I think sewing is the ticket when cold weather comes visiting. Maybe that is why I don't sew much...I live in Texas.

  9. Hi Noreen, I am sorry for Reggie and for you, I will be praying. I thought of you when I watched the weatherman and saw that you were getting snow.. Enjoy time downstairs with hubby while your sewing machine sings, I find this so sweet.
    Thanks for coming by, and taking the time to leave me such a sweet note.

  10. I wish we had some of that snow.

    One of these days I'll be able to get back to quilting. I moved my sewing machine into the 3rd bedroom so I wouldn't have to take it down/put it up/put it away, but I am not pleased with being out of the family room and away from hubby.

    I'm glad to hear that Reggie is doing a little better. I suspect that he has good days and bad days ... and it sounds like he has more good days than bad. I pray that he will rebound and have many more good days ... and that you will know when the time comes.


  11. My son and daughter-in-law in Fort Collins are loving these recent snowstorms.


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