Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Monday to you; I so remember the days when I was working and Monday was not my favorite day, I hope you can embrace this season of your life and make the most of today.
I had such fun on Friday and really wish I would have had my camera.  The Master Quilter was such a nice, welcoming gal and great teacher.  It didn't hurt though when we walked in her two old dogs were there to greet us; I made a beeline for them and gave them lots of love.  I realized that if you put a quilt next to a sweet dog that I will always go for the dog, quilts always come second.  I saw many  of her quilts and ladies, oh my, was the quilting incredible.  She is a traditionalist and hand quilts everything; in fact she often quilts the tops for others who don't want to try.  We had a good work day and I hope to be able to join her again soon. I love gleaning insight from such an experienced lady-she's been quilting for 35 yrs.
This really put me in the mood for sewing so that is what I did all weekend.  Dear hubby caught a nasty cold so we just had a wonderful weekend watching football; did you hear what I just said-watching football. For those who have known me for decades, this is something relatively new for me, must be a senior thing.
Of course I did sew while I watched.  I've got almost all of my squares done and just have to put them together before I begin stitching. 
Today is filled with chores and grocery shopping; it is beautiful outside today although a bit cold.  I'm already planning the menu for my brother & sister-of-my-heart.  I simply can't wait til they're here.
Have a wonderful day today.
Hugs, Noreen


  1. I belong to 2 quilt guilds, and there aren't many quilters who hand quilt any more. I love hand quilting.

    I had a busy weekend, but I did manage to get in a good bit of hand quilting. I'll be done with this part time position and will be full-time retired again ... and I can't wait to get in more time with my needle and thread. ;-)

    Dogs and quilts ... 2 of my most favorite things. ;-)

  2. Hi Noreen. I am glad you enjoyed the quilting!! I actually hand quilted my very first quilt. It was a small crib size, but I so loved the experience!!! I need to hand stitch another one! I find handwork to be very calming.
    Today is filled with chores for me too, having been gone all weekend. I love the way you refer to your brother and sister of your heart! I have all brothers, and am especially close to my oldest brothers wife. She is the sister of my heart!!!

  3. That quilting class sounds like just the right thing for you, and the two old dogs were nice participants.

  4. Hello! I would have LOVED to have gone to that quilting thing with you. Hand quilting is sooo special, but seems like an overwhelming amount of work to me. Melody told me she tells everyone who comes to their house and looks at the nursery..."Look close, this quilt was hand stitched" I LOVE that she appreciates that. I am down to one pair of jammies....yay. I have soo much else to do. Many of our week-end days are spent with hubby watching football, and me reading or sewing. ; ) Hope your hubby is feeling better. Have a wonderful week-end! HUGS

  5. Glad you had such a poductive weekend. We are not huge football fans but a game will be on whenever one of the son's come to visit. (doesn't matter who is playing) Happy Monday!

  6. Funny how much more wonderful Mondays are once you retire!

  7. I look forward to the day when I have the time for quilting. Mondays after a vacation are always hectic. Worked 12 hours today, so glad its over. Have a wonderful week.


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