Thursday, October 27, 2011

Good Morning Friends, Once again I get to share all those blessings in my life with you.  A life made up of thanksgiving, gratitude and praise is a much happier life than a life spent grumbling, wouldn't you agree?
Today my good friend Lynn at is hosting our TT, so stop by and say hello.  Lynn has been hosting TT for six years and has found that it is her time to focus on some other things; I want to thank Lynn for her love and encouragement over the years.  Lynn was one of the very first ladies I met online who has encouraged me more ways than I can count.  I wasn't even blogging when I got to know her; she has enriched my life so much. I've chatted with her on the phone but have not yet met her.  She will be missed in this one area but I'm thankful she isn't disappearing altogether-I'd have to fly out to Ca. and give her a talking to. 
Today I'm thankful for the change in weather-no new snow but we are having fog and ice.  I'm thankful that the Lord has numbered my days and made my lot secure; I won't recklessly venture out when it would be foolhardy, but I will not be fearful either. 
I am thankful that our whole gang is gathering here tonight for a birthday celebration, not only for our Carrie but also for her hubby and our other son-in-law. 
I am thankful that hubby and I had such a wonderful time away and saw an area we hadn't before.  I am thankful for the hope of future trips.
I am thankful for our family and all the love we share.
I am thankful for our good friends Jim and Barb and the wonderful friends they are.
I am thankful for a good kennel-who is at our vets, so we can rest knowing Reggie was well taken care of.
I am thankful for my friend here, Kam and all the fun times we share; we are off to study this morning.
I am thankful for the body of Christ, that when gathered together in His name, He is there also.
I am thankful for Beth Moore and her studies.
I am thankful for the wonderful friends I've made here in blogland.
Blessings to each of you.  Noreen


  1. Wanted to comment yesterday on your computer was on the fritz....needed a new router...
    ......anyway......snow is beautiful and should hit us Friday night...!!
    The first snow of the year is always fun and then we tolerate it for the winter....

  2. Good morning! Such a good list...Yes, a thankful heart really IS a happy heart! Enjoy your study this morning! HUGS to you! Debbie

  3. Noreen, Your "thankfuls" have filled my heart with joy this morning.
    I'm thankful for YOU!

  4. I always enjoy being thankful posts. I know I can come in here and do a thankful post and pretty soon, I am so happy.
    You re so blessed.

  5. Hello Noreen!! Your comment on my blog came through as I was catching up on your news. Can I just tell you what a treat it has been to sit this afternoon, with a blanket on my lap and have the time to read. Your post today has humbled me because as there is a little uncertainty right now with our boy Toby, I'm reminded of the blessings I have and how much I have to be thankful for, your friendship included!

    I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip and all was well on your return and Reggie is doing well!! Enjoy your birthday celebrations and that beautiful snow!!

  6. Great gratitude list, Noreen...God bless you day!

  7. A great list of thankful be sure! Glad you had a good time away and that everyone at home was well cared for:) And SO glad that the snow is your way - and not here! We actually have snow in our forecast - boo! It is WAY to early for snow in my way of thinkin'!! I'm glad that enjoy it!

    Have a great weekend ahead!!

  8. What a great thankful post! Hope you guys didn't have much tree damage. My brother said there was so much damage in town. Pretty but so wet.

  9. I'm thankful for your wonderful, full life. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  10. Love how your heart overflows with thanks, Nor. What joy!

    Hope your birthday celebration was a blast! And so glad to hear that you had a good trip!

    Is anyone picking up where Lynn is stepping away? You should take over Thankful Thursday!! :o)

    Love ya sweetie, and hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  11. My sweet friend,

    What a beautiful thankful list and your kind words for me fill my heart with love. I am looking forward to the day we meet face-to-face. What a celebration, what laughter.... CAN"T WAIT. Have a fantastic weekend. Love you, Lynn


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