Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Happy Friday dear ones! We are now in Seattle, the weather is overcast and dreary but today we hit the ground running. We plan to visit Pikes Marketplace, the underground city, the Pioneer museum, the Space museum and then tonight we go to Teatro Zanzinni for a dinner show. I am not a big city girl and feel ready to head home but we should have a fun day today.  I'm sorry for not getting by to visit you all but know that I will be trying to catch up Sunday and Monday.  I've missed hearing what is happening with you all, hope you are enjoying fall weather.  Blessings on your weekend my friends.  Noreen


  1. May you have a super time!
    Sounds like a lot to do and see.
    God bless,

  2. do have a big day ahead of you!! ENJOY ENJOY it all sounds good to me....HUGS

  3. do have a big day ahead of you!! ENJOY ENJOY it all sounds good to me....HUGS

  4. Hey precious sister, you guys enjoy safe and have fun! Looking forward to hearing all about your time and seeing some photos :)

    Love you bunches!

  5. What happened? I thought the old song, "the bluest skies I've ever seen are in Seattle" was true.

    Here's hoping for better skies and clear days. Have a good weekend.

  6. You just missed the TODAY SHOW. They were in Seattle all week and filmed at the Pike Place Market. I was born and raised in the Seattle-Tacoma area; now live to the north. Have a great visit!!!

  7. I'm definitely not a big city girl either, but it sounds like you had a fun day in store. Hope you enjoyed it.

  8. Hi thank you for becoming my newest follower. Thank you also for stopping by for a visit. Your trip sounds wonderful and I didn't know there was something called a Underground City in Seattle.
    I look forward to getting acquainted with you.
    Thanks again,
    My Field of Dreams


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