Monday, October 24, 2011

Good morning my friends, I hope you all had a delightful weekend enjoying our fall weather.  We got back home Saturday evening and as the old saying goes "There's no place like home".  Hubby and I had a wonderful vacation and made lots of memories; we hope to get back to San Juan Island again and maybe even Leavenworth some day. 
I want to introduce you to my best friend from California, Barbara.  We've known Barb and her hubby Jim for approximately 20 years now; I had to stop and figure that one out and when we moved into the house next door to them.  We didn't get to know them for several years but once we did,  Barb and I hit it off with our love of quilting.  From then on we spent time together pursuing our favorite hobby; we joined a large Quilt Guild and began to go on a yearly quilt retreat.  She has been there when we had our grands and also when I lost my sister; always an encourager.  Barbara is a prolific quilter, especially applique and continues to grow in her skills.  She was always there for me when I struggled with patterns and figuring out how to make something work.  There isn't very much I miss about living in California, maybe the trees and landscapes but Barb is right there at the top, with my family.  We all try to go on a trip every couple of years together and this one was a wonderful way to celebrate her turning sixty.  Sixty you say?  Yes indeed, although she looks just like she did 20 years ago.  I wanted to give her something special for her birthday and one of my blogging buddies, Sandy at  sells hand-made necklaces that are so beautiful, so I knew I wanted one for Barb.  You can see that she is wearing it in this photo.  We were on our way out to a dinner theater, Teatro Zanzinni, and so hubby got our photo together.  Barbara absolutely loved it and it was even more special for me because another blogger made it.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARBARA!

I will be sharing more photos this week; we loved the Islands of Washington but I love the warm weather we've had here.  Wednesday we are supposed to have our first snow and many of us aren't ready for it.
No matter what you are doing today, cherish life.  Blessings, Noreen


  1. Hi Noreen. Welcome home. I sure enjoyed your photos from your vacation. Nice to be able to spend some time with your dear friend too. I am sure she loved the necklace as much as you loved giving it to her. Everyone needs a very special friend like that. I am blessed to have so many important women and friends in my life!!! Have a great day!

  2. So sweet of you Noreen to have
    this lovely picture of you and
    Barbara. She looks beautiful in
    her necklace and I appreciate
    you getting it from me for her.
    Glad you all had such a good
    time together.

  3. Sweet Autumn blessings to you!
    You are truly blessed to have a dear friend like your friend!
    Awesome relationship.

    God bless you,


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