Thursday, October 20, 2011

 Good Morning and Happy Thankful Thursday! I'm so glad to be able to post; cell reception has been almost nil(I'm missing my girls and grands) but today we head back to Seattle and I'll be able to connect again.  We have been having an amazing time!
 My BFF from California-Barb is on the right.  It has been so good to spend time together, it is almost like living next door to each other again. I am thankful for her friendship and love and time spent vacationing with them.  I think this has been the best vacation yet!
 I am thankful for my hubby's photography skills-he has an artist's eye just like his dad did.  I am thankful for him. 
 I am thankful for the beauty of God's glorious creation.  I am thankful for how He made us each different and unique.  I am thankful that this trip has given my man such pleasure by being near the water and because I am such a country girl at heart, seeing wide open areas has blessed me as well.
 Isn't this bay and the home beyond just breathtaking!  If I could I would have a place like this for hubby and I-one that would meet those needs to be near the ocean and one that would meet my love of country.
 Yesterday we went to Orcas Island Pottery and it was incredible.  When I was in high school and college I love pottery and took many classes so this was quite fun for me. Oh the colors of the glazes were so vibrant and beautiful.  They had many fun little outdoorsy gifts as well-the clams were just one expression.  Aren't they fun!
This tree house was also on the property and reminded me of Swiss Family Robinson; knew our two grandsons would love it.  They are planning on building a fort in their yard and if they had some huge trees I could picture them wanting this type of fort.
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We've had lovely weather but it rained during the night and this morning is drizzly.  Hopefully Seattle  will be nice as well.
Hugs and love, Noreen


  1. Your pictures (hubby's) are fantastic! Such a beautiful place, our Pacific NorthWest!! Enjoy, and safe travels to you!

  2. What a great trip. I loved all your pictures and adventures!!! I love spending time by the water too.
    Well and spending time with great friends is at the top of the list. It would be just my luck not to see orcas...I want to go on a whale sight seeing trip...and I am afraid I would not get to se whales.
    The seals were great...your little one will like that! (o:

  3. Wonderful things to be thankful for. Love the photos too, so pretty.

  4. Beautiful photographs. I'm glad you are having such a good time.

  5. I've loved hopping over here tonight and seeing your wonderful pictures. The Pacific Northwest holds so many wonderful memories for me during our growing up years. It is so magnificent! So glad you 2 are having such a great trip... and yes, that home on the water would work for me too, surrounded by the gorgeous trees. Love it!!


  6. Such a nice list of thanksgivings! Aren't the San Juans beautiful? I live on nearby Whidbey Island.


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