Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Fun

Yesterday's snow has melted and we have a bit of a break before the next rains come, so hubby and I are utilizing free days at our county dump and taking old tanbark from the yard there. Of course, that means we have to get out and pick it all up first, plus the free days are over tomorrow. So I'll be bundling up and heading outside in just a few minutes. It will feel good to get all new shredded bark for the flower beds, after we get our new perennials planted. Our dear friend keeps reminding us not to plant very much until Mother's Day because we can still have snow up until then. Do you ever get anxious about 'fluffing up your nest" when you see so many other neighbors planting? I do and it makes me want to just get out and do it; that may not be the prudent course to take though.
This weekend find joy in the little things of life!
Hugs, Noreen


  1. Hard to think snow right now!!! Hoping for warm sun from now on!!! Have a lovely weekend!!!

  2. Hi Noreen,
    Thanks for your kind words. I sure hope the spells are over for this round. I have had them off and on for years and years.
    I love to plant anything!! But the way the $ is now the more we can eat the better!! I do LOVE tomatoes just picked!!!
    I start seeds in February. Tom built me a plant table with grow lights. I love it!!
    Have a blessed week end, Fern

  3. I'm glad to hear the snow is melting! yikes. Normally we see snow into April...and a few times, we've had it in May.

    HOpe you have a WONDERFUL weekend friend.

  4. Noreen,

    Where we live those dangers of snow are past. Yet God likes surprises so in all honestly you just never know. We are trying to grow 10 foot tall sunflowers right now.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. It seems spring makes us want to go outside and make it look as good as the inside.

  6. The little things always put a smile on my face!!

  7. Who says we won't have snow after Mothers Day??? (o:
    I will try to answer your email tomorrow ...I have been out and about today in the rain, snow and hail.....sounds like a mailman.

  8. I just love a beautiful yard and garden, but my husband takes care of that - I don't have much of a green thumb. Ha!

    PS Thanks for the heads up on the spam (porn)comment - I didn't even notice! It took me 2 times to see what you were talking about!! I guess I'm just dense like that - ha ha! THey have been deleted and blocked.

  9. Sweet blessings to you Noreen! I am so looking forward to getting out in the yard too.

    Your little "Buttercup" is so adorable! Congratulations!

    Have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow!

  10. Oh how I need to get into the yard and get rid of weeds and transplant things, but had commitments today and tomorrow the weather is supposed to be wet. Enjoy your Sunday.

  11. I'm so glad you dropped by my place earlier. And I'm equally glad I dropped by yours. I couldn't help but grin at your reference to melting snow while I kick up the air conditioner (it's 85 here in Phoenix today).

    Well, one's thing's certain: the simple pleasures we enjoy are not predicated on temperatures.


  12. Hi again...I am laughing at what you wrote on my blog!! Thank you for the nice compliments. My Mom is indeed young looking, and she was in fact a child bride of 15. She had her fist child at 16, another a couple years later, and me at barely 20, and yet another, my baby brother, 6 yrs later. I too, a mere 19 when wed. Although I also had my kids fairly young, I was not as young as my Mom. I had my first at 21, and she will be 29 in a couple weeks!!! It is so nice to be (sorta) young, and have grandchildren we can really run around with and enjoy.
    Hugs to you on this beautiful Sunday!!

  13. It's Autumn here, but the nights are cooler and the days are still warm (but not hot). It's perfect picnic weather and I enjoyed one with my husband at the local gardens. It was sooo relaxing.


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