Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh Joy!

Look what came in the mail for me yesterday- a big box of birthday goodies from my dearest friend Becky at Firstly, let me tell you that Becky is the most talented lady around; she made me cards in the green checked booklet(and they are so cute) plus she made me a bracelet that fits perfectly, a book on Joy for the Woman's Soul, a Potpourri and also a very large mug. All of these goodies reminds me of the sunshine,actually Sonshine, that permeates from Becky's life and blog. We've been friends for a good while now and I can tell you that this gal is authentic and brings joy to my life continually. I just wish she lived closer so we could hang out together! I will say that I'm planning to get myself down to Florida this year so we can spend some much needed time together. Do you ever meet those friends and feel like you've known each other your whole life and are joined at the hip-well that is how I feel about Becky. So, if you sweeties have a chance get over to Becky's place and say hi to you-you won't be sorry.
Love you Beck. Hugs and prayers-Nor

To all my other sweeties out there, may your day be filled with Joy in Him and blessings galore.


  1. WOW...what a special surprise!

  2. ooh, Happy Birthday to you! love your surprises from Becky :)

  3. Hi Noreen,
    I just told my hubby Becky strikes again!! and he was laughing cause he knows what joy she brings to the life of others particularly his wife.
    She is a most talented sweetie. I know how much fun and enjoyment it brought you!! It is such a thrill to know someone goes so out of their way with every lil detail.
    Happy Belated Birthday, I love those late birthday cards, visits and gifts, just stretches that birthday out there.
    I do so hope you make it to Florida this year and that I am here so I can see you. I am sure I will be cause we don't go off all that often. So glad you had the fun of that blessing cause you are such a blessing yourself.
    May the Lord just continue to heap on those blessings daily,
    Love ya, Nellie

  4. What a blessing that is
    and a fun surprise too (o:
    the sun finally came out
    we had a lot of rain last night
    how about you?

  5. What a beautiful gesture that each and every item found a purpose in your life to let you know just how special you are and how much you mean to everyone. Happy Belated birthday!

    If you get a chance, stop by and participate in some of my giveaways, most of them end this weekend! I'd love to have you join!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. Oh, what a great surprise that was! Hope you had a great birthday!

  7. Hey Noreen,

    May your Birthday Blessings last all year long! Tickled for you!
    Hope to see you in Florida for sure! Maybe Becky will share you?!
    Love in the Lamb ~


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