Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Monday to you! Although this day signals a new work week for many, it also signals a new and glorious day filled with grace~so many possibilities.
This weekend, hubby and I, worked throughout our backyard pulling up all the old tanbark and then taking it to the refuse center. Let me tell you, what a lot of work it was, we took over 40 large black garbage bags and filled the Explorer completely with them. Yesterday, we evened out an area that was covered in rocks & dirt so we can put some new river rock over it and clean it up. It felt wonderful to get so much done, even though we were quite sore by Saturday night.
Reflecting on how difficult it was in places to get the old pulled up and removed made me think about those things in our lives that the Lord regularly wants to purge us of-you know the bad attitudes, old habits and patterns that are not His way for His children. The taking away can be just like the pruning but once it is done it yields beauty and newness to our lives. All I know is that I want a fresh anointing of His Spirit on me, not walking in the past-distant or otherwise.
I want a new planting as well, just like I'm going to be doing in our yard, I want the Lord to do in me. Digging up the soil of my heart, taking what is not needed for something better~something more like Him.

So get rid of the old stuff that is no longer useful and come and join me for some new plantings and growth.
Hugs today, Noreen


  1. Amen! Noreen, My desire as well. Oh! for that fresh anointing! Beautiful posting.

    I so love it when we have days of productivity like you both had Saturday. Looking forward to seeing the results.
    Hugs Sue

  2. Morning Noreen. Nicely said. Isn't it amazing how sore we get now to work in our yards? Boy that gets me mad! Oh well, at least we can still do it, just need to pace ourselves. Happy new week to you!!

  3. We have been working at purging our two acres of unnecessary debri for a few months, now. We are definitely seeing progress, but much more still to do.

  4. Wonderful post. I'll be getting an e-mail sent to you later today. Hugs and love

  5. Well said Noreen. I want that in my life too! Thank you for sharing such true and lovely thoughts. Have a wonderful week my friend! :o)

  6. You must have worked yourself silly this weekend (o:
    so glad you were able to get all of that done
    we have lots to do...we were rather lazy this weekend though
    Love the way you tied it into God working in our life

  7. On a different note, I've been "purging" my closet of unnecessary stuff.......

  8. Oh What a wonderfully encouraging post !
    Hugs, Ella

  9. Noreen, amen! It seems like a lot of people, including myself,are getting rid of the old and wanting fresh and new!


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