Friday, April 2, 2010

Fabulous Friday Fun

Aloha Friends~ I would love to tell you we are sitting in the warm sun, swimming in the blue ocean but alas we aren't as the weather has been pretty cloudy, windy and rainy. These photos were taken at the Spouting Horn, a small lava shelf where waves are pushed through a small hole in the lava which results in a blowhole. It is wonderful to see on Wednesday and as you can see the day was beautiful.

These birds are everywhere and the spots are beautiful. I'm not sure what type of bird it is but I love watching them. Some of our friends are staying at a nice resort and the other night I saw a sign that said "Don't feed the Nene's." I became so excited because my sil had given us a book, several years ago, called Tutu Nene about a legend of the Nene(native goose)here in Hawaii. I've read the book many times to our granddaughters and now may be able to get a photo of an actual Nene to show them.
Due to heavy rain all night I'm not sure what are plans are today and since I'm still babying my back it may be another relaxed day in Paradise.
So dear friends, remember not to sweat the small stuff and whenever possible live life to the fullest.
Hugs, Noreen

Aloha Friends~ I would love to tell you we are sitting in the warm sun, swimming in the blue ocean but alas we aren't as the weather has been pretty cloudy, windy and rainy.


  1. We have to take the rain along with the sunshine, huh Nor? Love your positive attitude, sweetie!!
    Hope John gets to do some golfing!!

    I'll pray for nice weather along with my prayers for your sciatica.

    We just got back from Daytona Beach, and had a great time! Got out of there just before the HUGE influx of people...they were sitting in bumper to bumper traffic!! Not my scene that's for sure!! God had me time it just perfectly!

    Love ya lots, and love your pics and the adorable little Nene!!

    Hugs across the sea for you!!

  2. So sorry about the weather and the back...yikes
    How about a hot tub? Does that help?
    Love the bird (o: The girls will too.

  3. Praying the weather will clear and so will your physical struggles!!
    Loving the photos and updates.
    Happy Easter my friend.

  4. Hi Noreen,
    Sorry you are having trouble with your back...hope it feels better soon. Your pictures are beautiful! The Nene is a pretty bird. Take care and have fun!!

  5. I read back on your last few posts as I have been a little behind. How exciting that you are able to be on this trip. The weather may not be cooperating, but I doubt it takes much from your joy. I'm sorry your back is acting up. Mine occasionally does that too...Oh the pains of growing older, haha...Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay and have a blessed and wonderful Easter. Hugs, Debbie

    The bird is adorable.

  6. There is so much beauty surrounding you there on the island. I pray your back gives you a chance to see more. Hugs and love

  7. Hope the storm passes. How long are you there?

    Have a beautiful Easter! He is risen.

  8. Sorry to hear you're suffering from sciatica but glad to hear the smile in your writings and pray that you'll both have a memorable, lovely time in Hawaii :o)


  9. HI Noreen,
    Aren't those blowholes so cool!
    and the color of the ocean is just so gorgeous. So sorry you are having problems with your back,
    good the weather is bad so you don't feel so bad about staying in today.
    Will be praying your back feels better really quickly.
    Those lil nenes are so pretty. That is neat about the story.
    Know you will have a great time no matter what cause you have such a
    great attitude no matter what!! lol
    Hope you and John have a Most Blessed and Holy Easter my sweet friend, Nellie

  10. Love that positive attitude there, and that is so true, we should never sweat the small stuff! Ever!

    Thanks for stopping in to see me! Come back to see me, I'll be back to see you, for sure!



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