Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bear One Another

Good morning friends, Alas Mr. Winter has returned and we awoke to find over an inch of wet snow on the ground today. As beautiful as it is, I am just ready for the sun to stay and the flowers to bloom.
I've been reading a wonderful little book entitled "Tell Your Heart To Beat Again"by Dutch Sheets; this book has been so incredibly uplifting, so if you have a chance to read it by all means do.
Chapter 4 deals with bearing one another's burden and Dutch has some wonderful analogies that I felt were applicable to all of us.
"The word for bearing up or staking ourselves next to another, so they don't fall-much as a person would tie a stake to a tomato plant to sustain it against the weight it carries. The strength of the stake is transferred to the plant and thus "bears it up". ...In other words, we're to come alongside a brother or sister who is weighed down and say,"You're not going to fall and be broken or destroyed, because I'm staking myself to you. My strength is now yours. Go ahead, lean on me. As long as I can stand, you will too. What a wonderful picture for the Body Of Christ".
So dear ones, do you have the strength to stand beside someone and let them lean on you?
Are you someone who desperately needs another to come along side you and help you to stand?
Let me know; what a privilege it is to lift you up before the Throne of the Most High God. I will stand beside you, lean on me.


  1. What a wonderful post and a wonderful analogy...I LOVE it...I am feeling a little heavy today. A prayer or two would be much appreciated. I planning on writing you an e-mail today if I get the chance...Have a wonderful day...HUGS

  2. 60-80 mph hour winds over here and snow. Trees toppled everywhere.

    I'm more than tired of winter.


  3. That was a very sweet post.
    Now I will always have a picture of the tomato stake in my head (o: You can pray for Ty. He continues to struggle and want to 'win' her back. Yikes.

    My ankle has been hurting this week and I am pretty sure I did not hurt it in that silly fall. It is the pits getting old. I had Marlene order a few thigs from Shaklee for me. Maybe I will be a new person (o:

  4. Great post. Anything I've read by Dutch Sheets has been great. I heard him, his brother and dad all speak when we lived in the city years ago. It was amazing!! hugs and love

  5. I will check it our Noreen....His series on Intercessory Prayer is awesome!
    Hugs, Ella

  6. Great Post Noreen, There are times when I am strong and help hold others, and then there are times I am weak and need holding up. My desire is to be available to anyone who needs holding up.
    Thank you for sharing this Word today.

  7. As usual, a very inspiring message. There are days when I feel like I need all God's children to be holding me up.

    I'm with you on this weather, I want spring!

  8. Really sweet post Noreen. Thank you for being such a great prayer warrior on behalf of many. There is no greater gift we can give to others than the gift of prayer.
    Sometimes just laying you hands on someone and having them hear you pray for them can be just the medicine their spirit needs to have.
    I just saw Dutch Sheets on 700 club a few days ago and he was talking about how he feels the Lord has given him several vision of revival for our nation, and that he feels it is in the beginning phases with our young people. Exciting news!! Too bad we don't hear that on the local news. Banish the thought, heaven forbid we could talk of such things!! lol course, really it isn't funny at all! Sad is the truth.
    You have a great weekend hon.
    blessings, Nellie

  9. Beautiful message...

    glad I was able to stop by. Love and prayers for you my sister.

  10. I so love your heart, Nor! Thank you for all of your love and prayers for me, sweet friend! I am definitely being "staked" by you!!

    Lots of love,

  11. That sounds like a great book. I wil definitely have to check it out.

    Great post today - a much needed reminder to lift each other up and to bear each others burdens. Be the strength they need in their time of weakness.

    Love to you - Beth


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