Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our time has sadly come to an end here in beautiful Kauai and we will be heading home tomorrow. We have had a great time here and Saturday we got to explore parts of the island that we haven't seen before. We got a good hike in and then on Sunday walked three miles down the beach~hopefully I'll be in a bit better shape when we get home.

These photos are of an area called the Queen's Bath; it is a bit difficult to get to but so worth the hike.

In the coming days I'll be posting a few more photos; I can tell you that we had a fantastic time with our friends and my beloved got lots of golf in-which makes him so very happy.

On Tuesday we will be celebrating two of our granddaughters birthday and we can't wait to get home and hold our newest grandbaby.

There is a saying back home that goes something like this "it's not getting out of the storm but learning how to dance in the rain" so no matter what you have going on today take time to find some joy.

Happy Monday!


  1. Noreen,

    We've been blessed to visit Hawaii a few times but never to the island of Kauai. After these amazing pictures we will have to remember these and take some time for some of these truly beautiful treasures. Just seeing pictures of that tranquil turquoise waters have me dreaming of memories past.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such beautiful comments. I had to come by and say thank you and decided to become a follower of yours as well.

    Hope you come back soon and stay for a much longer visit and participate in one of my weekly giveaways that are always listed on my sidebar to the right.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. Such beautiful pictures
    I am sure it was wonderful
    hard to come home....
    but at the same time amazing to get back to loved ones (o:
    will enjoy more pictures later

  3. Hi Noreen,
    so glad yall have had such a nice
    vacation and that we have had the priviledge of hearing from you everyday, so we didn't have to miss you!! Will be praying for a safe flight home for you both tomorrow.
    Great Pic of you and John.
    Blessing Galore Sweetie,
    Looking forward to seeing more pics,
    and of the baby too!!

  4. Hi Sweet Friend,

    Your pictures and post yet blow me away with such beauty and beauty of who you are in Christ. Thank you my friend. I just posted a special thank you to you and another dear blogging sister. Please come over and read it.

    I love you my friend. God has blessed me so much in knowing you and so many.

    Big Hugs,

  5. Greetings, from the mountains of eastern Oregon. I came across your blog , a beautiful blog, by the way , via AlleluiaBelle's Humble as I go.. The photos are so beautiful, thank you so much for taking me on a quick, and special mini night vacation, lol.
    I wanted to ask you, and feel free to say no, but a phrase you wrote on your post today, about dancing in the rain, may I use that in a future blog post that I am thinking of writing. I would , of course, give you credit for bringing it to my attention, and a link to your blogsite, if you wish..
    Thanks again for this blogsite. I am becoming a follower, and plan to come back to read more ..
    Hanging onto the Thread of Hope,

  6. Hi Noreen!
    Your photos are BEAUTIFUL! Going to Hawaii is definitely on the someday list for my hubby and I (hopefully sooner than later!) So glad it's been a wonderful trip for you and your hubby.

    Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for your visit and kind comment. I'm always honored to meet new friends! Your blog is quite beautiful. I trust I'll be visiting again soon! = )


  7. Noreen ~~
    Thank you for sharing the beauty of Hawaii with us , rejoicing with you in the lovely time you had there !
    Hugs, Ella

  8. So day I'll...get to go, but until then Thank you!


  9. Hi Noreen,
    So glad that you had a wonderful time in Hawaii! It is a gorgeous place to visit. By this time, you should be safely home, and enjoying your photos, and memories of the trip.

    Have a blessed week, and enjoy the time spent with your family! :)


  10. I used to live on the big island. they had a 'queens bath' too - the natives took us on a hike through a cane field to reach it and it was magnificent!! Very secluded with waterfalls that poured down into the rounded our spot where the 'Queen' supposedly sat to shower. It was a refreshing place that only the natives knew about! This was a nice reminder - thank you!

    Patrina <")>><
    His watchman on the wall

  11. I sure hope to visit there some day!

  12. The pictures are just beautiful...what a truly glorious place to visit. So glad you had a good time. Enjoy the birthday girls and that precious new baby...HUGS..

  13. Sounds like you have had a wonderful time! Love the photos! And welcome home. I bet the baby had grown a lot just in the short time you were gone. See you next week.

  14. Hi Sweetie! You and John look so good! It blesses my heart to know that you had a great time!!

    Your pictures are amazing...the beauty must be just so wonderful in person!

    Love ya!


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